Best Left Handed Golf Clubs for Beginners

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Whether you play golf competitively or like to hit the course now and then for a casual game, you want to have the right gear. While finding “your” golf club is complicated enough on its own, it becomes harder if you are a left-handed golfer. This article should help you zone in on the best left handed golf clubs for beginners so that you can start learning and playing the game as soon as possible.

There are several popular left-handed players like Phil Mikelson, and yet the larger community often excludes players who predominantly use their left hand. Tutorials and articles focus on the needs of right-handed people.

What’s worse is that retailers often do the same. Since only about 10% of people are left-handed, there simply isn’t enough demand for them to stock up on a left-hand set of clubs. Consequently, left-handed golfers sometimes decide to switch and play with their right hand. Should you do the same? Not necessarily. We have a useful guide to help you decide whether to play left-handed or right-handed along with several good tips on how to play golf left-handed. Before you buy your clubs make sure you’re getting left-handed clubs and not right-handed ones!

While the demand gap does mean that many companies are inclined to making right-handed golf clubs, there are a number of manufacturers committed to making the sport more accessible for all. Here are the best ones on the market.

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Picks for Best Golf Clubs for Left Handed Beginners…


Cobra Golf XL Speed Complete Golf Set

Cobra Golf XL Speed Complete Golf Set

  • “A” shape slanted key layout
  • No backlighting
  • Wired
  • Windows and Mac compatible


Callaway Golf Men's Strata Complete Set

Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set

  • Anti-ghosting, fast response keyboard
  • RGB backlighting
  • Wired
  • Windows and Mac compatible


Confidence Golf Mens Power V3 Club Set and Stand Bag Lefty

Confidence Golf Mens Power V3 Club Set

  • Dome shaped split keyboard
  • No backlighting
  • Wireless
  • Windows and Mac compatible

How to Choose Golf Clubs for Beginners

When it comes to buying clubs, you should keep a couple of things in mind whether you’re a right-hander or left-hander. There are a few tips here that can be helpful in finding the right set or even replacing one of the clubs in your set that you don’t like. Keep these tips in mind for success.

What is Your Handicap or Skill Level?

Golf clubs are usually designed with a certain skill level category in mind, so you need to be honest with yourself about where you are in your game. You may not have an actual handicap when you start playing but you’ll be able to at least gauge your skill level. Keep track of your scores if you’re a beginner and figure out what your average is over 18 holes.

A golfer’s handicap can vary from low to high. There are tour/pro golfers, low handicappers, mid handicappers, and high handicappers, including game improvers and beginners. Say you’re a 20-handicapper. If you play with an iron that a top pro likes, that’s probably not going to help you with your game. You instead have to choose one that’s best suited to your handicap or skill level and then think about switching if your current club can take you no further. That may mean starting with the most forgiving drivers, fairways, wedges, and even putters.

It is important to break down your game a bit more before making a purchase based on your handicap, if you have one. For example, a skilled ball striker who lacks distance may require a driver and golf ball designed to accommodate a slower swing speed. Or, you may need a high handicap driver if you want to be consistent with your irons. From the tee to the green, figure out if you need more forgiveness, greater distance, or more workability. Then match yourself up with the right club. With advancing technologies, there’s always something that will help a specific area of your game.


Clearly, you are left-handed and you’re looking for left-handed clubs if you are visiting this page. You should, however, also make sure that your clubs are the right size. A size chart is usually available for most club brands, so get your measuring tape out before you buy your new set of clubs.

Individual or Set?

People often wonder if they should buy the clubs separately or as a set. The list of recommendations below is composed of sets, as you may have noticed. It is much more affordable to buy the sets than to buy individual clubs. A beginner set will cost you the same as most top-tier irons.

You can also get only your irons as a set and purchase the rest of the clubs individually.

If you keep up with the game, you will at some point need to upgrade to better clubs either individually or as a whole to another set, so it’s a good idea to first get a feel for what each type of club in a set can do before you invest more on individual clubs. Ultimately, it’s up to you.


As a beginner, it’s best that you start with economy clubs or club sets. Most in the lower price bracket are specifically made for beginners anyway. Most economy sets come with a driver, a fairway wood or two, two hybrids, four or five irons, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, and a putter. With oversized clubheads and perimeter weighting for maximum forgiveness, these clubs are usually categorized as Game Improvement or Super Game Improvement.

Components of a Club

All golf clubs consist of 4 common components:

Grip: There is a grip that covers the top of the shaft, which prevents the hands from slipping when swinging. There are several different designs, textures, and colors available for the grips and 3 sizes to match the player’s hand size.

Shaft: Graphite or steel shafts connect the grip and clubhead together. A club’s length depends on the type of club and the loft; its flex varies depending on how fast a golfer swings.

Stiffness levels are identified by letters: “L” is equal to Ladies; “A,” “M” or “S” is equal to Amateur, Men, and Seniors; “R” means Regular, “S” means Stiff, and “X” represents Extra Stiff.

Almost all woods are made of graphite, but irons can be made of either. Steel is heavier than graphite. Conventional wisdom says that pros will prefer steel because it is stiffer and will give better feedback that they can use to adjust their game if needed. Pros also tend to have high swing speeds, so they can benefit from the heavier steel shafts.

Most beginners tend to have low swing speeds and shaft feedback is not something that they can understand in the beginning. In fact, the stiffness of steel can leave a beginner’s hands stinging after a mishit. Beginners can therefore benefit by gaining some yardage with a graphite shaft material.

However, graphite shafts tend to negatively impact accuracy because of their flexibility and whip, so beginners need to really work on their swing in order to negate this issue. Graphite clubs are also a little more expensive than steel ones. Both can last a lifetime if you treat them with care, but experienced golfers will probably tell you that once you get a good graphite club, you’ll probably never want to get rid of it.

Hosel: The hosel is the piece that connects the shaft with the clubhead. A clubhead’s lie angle (the angle between the clubhead’s sole and shaft) is determined by the club’s hosel. Drivers, woods, and hybrids are sometimes equipped with adjustable hosels that allow players to adjust their loft and lie angle.

Clubhead: The clubhead is the part that strikes the ball. It determines the height and distance that it will travel. The clubhead usually tops the list of things to consider when choosing a club. Players of different skill levels benefit from the different features that each manufacturer offers in clubheads.

What Golf Clubs Usually Make up a Full Set?

If you’re new to golf, you might not be familiar with the concept of having a “complete golf set.” So a complete golf set refers to golf clubs with varying sizes and shapes of the clubhead. You may have seen people carrying these in a golf bag. Your set will traditionally be composed of around eight golf clubs, but you can carry up to 14, according to the United States Golf Association.

So why do you need so many golf clubs? This is a question many beginners ask. Simply put, when it comes to game improvement and skill level development, finding the right golf club for yourself is the first and most important step.

To get your hands on a quality set that works for you, you need to first go through a number of clubs. Building a set from scratch can be difficult for beginner golfers, left-handed golfers, and handicapped golfers alike. So let’s get started with what goes into building a quality set.

First things first, you need to know about the different classifications of clubs that are out there, and there is a handful. What makes sets different are the numbers of each type of club present. There are 6 types of golf clubs and each serves a different purpose on a course.


The driver isn’t the easiest club for beginners to use, but it’s one that you should know about and practice mastering. What differentiates the driver is its size. It’s the longest and heaviest golf club with a rounded clubhead. It also has the lowest center of gravity. The heaviest club that USGA allows is the 460cc driver (a driver with 460 cubic centimeters in the volume of the clubhead), and this is what you should use if you’re a beginner so that you have fewer missed off-center shots. You can go to 440cc or lower once you have a better shot range and workability.

Drivers are primarily used for tee shots (long-range shots) because of their low center of gravity. If you find this too heavy, don’t worry because sets typically only contain one driver. You should know that the driver is also called the “1 Wood”. It has the lowest loft of any golf club and it can be anywhere from 7 degrees to 11 degrees. It is used to hit the ball the farthest.

Fairway Woods

Along with the driver, fairway woods come under the category of “the woods” and are numbered 3, 5, and 7. A 3 wood is usually what you’ll use as a beginner, but you can level up your game to a five fairway wood. These have a higher loft than a driver but can also be used to hit the ball off the tee or on the fairway. Their clubheads are slightly smaller than that of drivers and the flat face and bulbous shape is one of its defining characteristics. Therefore, each time you take a shot with it, the clubhead slides across the grass.

It’s easier to control this club than a driver, so you can try a tee shot with it if you have trouble with a driver. They have lofts ranging from 12-20 degrees.


Where a complete golf set only contains one or two drivers, it usually contains 5 to 7 irons, making them the most common club in a set. If not part of a full golf set, iron club sets usually include 6-8 irons. So a typical left handed iron set would include 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9 irons plus a Pitching wedge. Iron club set specifications can seem confusing when you read them but here’s an easy way to tell what you’re getting in it. Whenever 3-PW is written on the set, it simply means that it includes a 3 iron to 9 iron, as well as a pitching wedge. For 4-PW, it would mean all the clubs from 4 up to 9 irons would be included plus a pitching wedge. Bring all the irons you have in your set unless you have a hybrid or two to replace the long irons.

Irons are also called blades because they have a smaller clubhead than woods, especially when viewed from front to back where they appear to be really thin. The ball is generally hit from the fairway, or played from the tee on short holes. When it comes to close shots, the iron will often deliver higher accuracy. 

The loft of an iron increases as the number of the iron increases, while the shaft length decreases. Golf irons have grooves etched into their angled faces to improve ball grip and give it some spin. The majority of irons have solid heads, but some have hollow backs. It is possible for highly skilled golfers to bend their shots around obstacles using hollow back ones.


Hybrids are more common among beginners. Hybrid clubs are considered a cross between a wood and an iron and they are often called “iron-replacement clubs” and sometimes utility clubs or rescue clubs. They are used to substitute long irons as they are much easier to use. Their improved swing control and direction control reduce the chance of mishits. There are 2 hybrids, 3 hybrids, etc., and the number corresponds to the iron they replace. 


Although wedges are a separate club type, they are also a type of iron since they have the same clubhead as irons but are more severely angled to increase loft. Wedge golf clubs are the highest lofted clubs in the game, ranging from 46 to 64 degrees. There are two main types of wedges: the pitching wedge for closing off on greens and the sand wedge used in sand traps. Other more advanced wedges include the gap wedge and lob wedge, but you don’t need to worry about those yet. You can choose from our handy resource of best left handed golf wedges.


As the name suggests, a putter refers to golf clubs used for close-range shots. In these shots, you’re not lifting the golf ball into the air but instead nudging it with precision along the grass. You really want a good putter as a beginner because you’ll be using it a lot. They come in the widest variety of shapes and sizes. In most cases, however, a quality set has a single putter so if the one included doesn’t feel right for your game, you may want to find a different left handed putter.

A putter clubhead can take the form of a traditional blade, a heel-toe clubhead,  or a mallet clubhead. Blade types are shallow and narrow, typically with shafts entering near the heel. Putters with heel-toe weighting are similar to blades but have extra weight at the perimeter to make them more forgiving on mishits. With mallet putters, the size of the clubhead maximizes forgiveness when making poor contact. 

Putter lengths that range from 32 to 36 inches are known as conventional putters. Almost all beginners should start with these standard length putters. Belly putters have their grip end close to the golfer’s belly. Golfers can stand up more upright using long putters, which have a length between 40- and 50-inches.

Personal preference is the key to choosing a putter. Your putter will probably work just fine if you feel comfortable using it because when it comes to putting, confidence is key.

Best Left Handed Golf Clubs for the Money

If you’re a beginner at golf, you may be realizing that this sport is not easy on the wallet. But don’t shy away from this sport just yet. There’s an effective way to cut down costs: buying pre-made sets.

While the sets vary in their composition, they’ll be adequate for when you’re starting out. We know what you’re thinking: where do you get complete sets for left-handed people?

Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

Callaway Golf Men's Strata Complete Set

One of the best, most cost-efficient sets for left-handed newbies is the Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf set. This set is composed of all the necessary equipment for beginners. Additionally, you can get yourself a set of golf clubs of 12, 14, and 16 pieces, depending on your budget and frequency of the game. It has a 460cc driver, which is equipped with a graphite shaft that is ideal for the infamous long-distance tee shots. The 3 wood will help you achieve faster swing speeds and greater distance.

While it has 6 through 9 steel irons for the distance propel shots, the Strata set is supplemented with a 5 hybrid in the 12 piece set along with a 4 hybrid in the 14 and 16 piece sets. This club is more forgiving for the distance shots that would be difficult with long irons, and it also offers versatility. Along with the irons, you get a pitching wedge in the 12 piece set plus a sand wedge in the 14 and 16 piece golf club sets. They all have perimeter weighting and progressive sole width so that you can have better control over your shots.

Additionally, this set is equipped with a mallet putter that offers alignment for impeccable accuracy for precision shots. You also get a functional and lightweight golf stand bag with a carry strap and plenty of pockets. A rain cover for it is included. As you ascend to higher sets, you’ll get more club headcovers too.

One thing we love about the Callaway Strata sets is how they scale price-wise and how they manage to stay affordable. For those who want faster swing speeds, the tour version is what you’ll need. Unfortunately, the left-handed set is often unavailable.


Cost-efficient with lots of different clubs.

Offers good control, distance and forgiveness.

Very good lightweight golf bag.


The driver may not last long if pushing pro swing speeds.



Wilson SGI Men’s Complete Golf Set

Wilson SGI Men's Complete Golf Set

The Wilson SGI Men’s complete golf set in standard is suitable for men between 5’5” and 6’1” and tall for men between 6’1” and 6’5”. With 10 clubs, it is one of the best value deals you can get and is quite similar to the Callaway Stara set above except for a few changes in clubs. The set is composed of some pretty nifty equipment. It features a driver with a graphite shaft and a large 460cc titanium aerodynamic head with low center of gravity for launching off the tee. It is engineered for super game improvement and has a 10.5 loft degree, which is good for beginners.

The #5 fairway wood has a graphite shaft and the 6 through 9 irons have stainless steel shafts that are engineered for longer and more precise shots with generous lofts. The iron clubheads are cavity-backed to increase distance. They feature large sweet spots and perimeter weighting to control mishits. To help new golfers navigate the fairways, the steel 5 hybrid features a shallow face and a generous loft.

The Pitching wedge has a narrow profile to give you more control. The “Easy Launch” sand wedge features a wider sole so that it’s easy to control the ball on the green while coming out of a sand trap. The Heel/Toe weighted Putter lets you putt more smoothly and with balance and the soft grip alignment helps with accuracy. The lofts on the putter and wedges make it easier to drop and stop the ball on the green.

Additionally, the Wilson Ultra complete golf set comes in a lightweight carry bag and 3 headcovers. With Air Flow adjustable shoulder straps, a strong top handle, numerous pockets and self-activating stand, the carry bag is the perfect companion to the clubs.

Note that the women’s version of these Wilson SGI clubs is also among the best women’s left-handed golf clubs.


Very affordable set with no rarely used clubs for beginners.

Very forgiving irons.

Well-balanced putter.

Good distance on the longer clubs.


Only one hybrid and no iron below #6.

Bag handles are not great.

Cobra Golf XL Speed Complete Golf Set

Cobra Golf XL Speed Complete Golf Set

The Cobra brand is one of the leading names in sports gear production, and it champions quality products. This is one of the pricier options for beginners on our list, but the set features and quality more than justify the extra money.

If you’re looking to start off your golf journey seriously and looking to make rapid game improvement, then the Cobra Golf XL Speed complete set is a perfect pick. It can last you several years because it can possibly take you to mid handicapper.

So what does this set have, and what makes it so ideal for beginners? First up, all the 12 clubs in this set are made of lightweight graphite shafts with regular flex. This set features oversized heads that hit at a sweet spot and makes forgiveness shots great for beginners. You’ll be impressed with the distance and accuracy, especially with the driver, woods, hybrids, and irons. The high-end grips and very comfortable to use.

The driver has an 11.5 degree oversized head with low back heel weighting for distance and going as straight as possible but with great loft. Next up, this set contains woods 3 and 5, which are perfect for accuracy while getting good speed in your swings. The 4 and 5 hybrids have a 21-degree loft and 24-degree loft respectively and the lower back weighting gives you really good loft while being able to stop the ball quickly on the green.

The premium quality cavity-back irons and wedges make for golf clubs that will offer forgiveness and long-distance shots. The graphite shafts are very forgiving to those with low swing speeds. With perimeter weighting, the 6, 7, 8, and 9 irons, pitching and sand wedges are easier to launch and more stable on miss-hits. The wedges make it easy to control the ball while lifting it off the bunker or green.

Last but certainly not least, we have the putter. Since you’ll be hitting putts a lot in your golf games, we know how important a good putter is for improvement. The simple blade putter in this set not only allows you to set visual alignment for optimal shots but also has a modern and sleek design.

In addition to you being able to sit the 14 opening golf bag comfortably on any pushcart, this item also includes a shoulder strap, so you can haul these clubs anywhere. The large ventilated beverage pocket has room for an astounding 14 12-ounce cans. The bag has 7 compartments that can be zipped up to store golf balls, tees, GPS devices and other accessories, and you will also find one velour-lined valuables pocket for the safekeeping of your mobile phone and other valuable items. 

Overall, the Cobra set is a solid 4 out of 5 for us. Although it costs more than some of the options on this list, it works well for beginners, handicapped people, and older customers, making this our top pick among best golf club sets for left handed players. No matter your swing speed, you can enjoy a good game of golf.


High-performing clubs that are easy to hit.

More options for fairways and hybrids.

The set will take you from high to mid handicap.


Priced quite high for a beginner set.


Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

Precise M5 Men's Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

The Precise M5 Men’s complete set is a ten piece club set that champions premium iron quality. You may not have heard of this brand in many other sports, but it has really taken the golf set business by storm.

The selling feature (quite literally) for Precises’ set of clubs is its emphasis on being worth the cost for an inexperienced golfer. As part of the set, you will get a 460cc clubhead driver, six irons from 5 through 9, a 3 fairway wood, a 21 hybrid, a pitching wedge, and a putter.

The driver and woods with oversize heads give you a lot of distance and offer a nice sweet spot that’s not right in the middle. If you sometimes struggle to lift the ball in the air, the offset feature on these clubs allows for easier, higher hitting.

Its 100% temper steel irons are among the best you can buy and are quite forgiving if you make a bad shot. Despite not having a sand wedge, it comes with an extremely comfortable pitching wedge that boasts plenty of loft. The mallet putter will take some getting used to but once you do you’ll like the alignment mechanism it offers.

The packaging of the M5 set is pretty fashionable and impressive, and the bag comes in a red, grey and black combo with backpack-style straps and a kickstand. Not only that, but the deluxe bag also offers a rainproof cover and three headcovers for your golf clubs.


Beginner-friendly oversized club heads.

Good offset for more loft.

Good bag.


No sand wedge.

Only 1 hybrid.

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Set

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Set

It’s clear that the people making the Pinemeadow Men’s PGX golf set knew what beginners are looking for. It’s cost-efficient for people on a budget, has pretty neat woods that you’ll fall in love with, and it has the oversized irons that all inexperienced golfers love because it lets them hit that sweet spot.

The set includes a 460cc Driver with a graphite shaft that makes it lightweight and easy to handle. Having this driver ensures both accuracy and distance for a newbie. However, as your golf skills improve, you will need to upgrade your driver first.

The 3 Wood and the 4 Hybrid clubs perform as well as they look and are the stars of this set. They consistently get you to a good distance, and depending on your ability, can reach even more. The 3 Wood is even used by some players to tee up if the driver does not provide them with the distance that they prefer. Similar to the Driver, the Wood also features a graphite shaft for enhanced performance. The long-range hybrid is of stainless steel and titanium alloy, so you can be sure that it will not just perform well but also serve you for long enough.

From the pitching wedge to the five irons, all of these have high-quality shafts and heads. 

The Men’s PGX set comes with three good head covers for your Driver, Hybrid, and 3-Wood.

You can definitely consider getting this set if you have a slow swing speed. These golf clubs are pretty easy to navigate and control and also offer shot forgiveness.

While you will need to buy a sand wedge and putter separately, you are really getting good value for a golf set.


Affordable set.

Shots are easy to hit and travel along a proper line.

Lightweight clubs.


Golf bag not included.

No sand wedge or putter.

The driver is weak at the hosel.

Confidence Golf Mens Power V3 Club Set and Stand Bag Lefty

Confidence Golf Mens Power V3 Club Set and Stand Bag Lefty

It is unbelievable how affordable the Confidence Golf Men’s Power V3 Club Set is because you can easily find individual golf clubs that cost as much as this whole set! High handicappers will love this set, as the clubs are light enough to carry around without a problem and the heads are weighted well so they are comfortable to swing with. 

A 460cc driver is included and it is the biggest allowable size for tournament play. A 10 degree loft and a very long arc is what you can expect on this driver. The titanium head is designed to maximize distance, sound, and durability. It also includes a 5 hybrid that is set to 24 degree of loft. This club has a specially designed head to increase clubhead speeds while being very forgiving. The irons 6 through 9 feature a cavity back design with steel shafts and are easy to hit with good spin control.

The Confidence Men’s Power V3 is only equipped with a pitching wedge, but it is lofted nice and high, which provides a nice height at the apex. A semi-mallet putter rounds out the Confidence Men’s Power V3.

All of the clubs come with shafts made of alloy steel, so even though they are not flexible, they are still lightweight. The regular flex design can be beneficial to beginners who want to work on increasing ball speed without depending on higher flexibility. The all-weather grips help dampen vibrations from mishits and high bounce shots.

This set includes a good stand bag with pop out legs and a large five-way divider top for all the clubs.


The titanium head on the driver maximizes distance and durability.

The cavity back irons help control shot dispersion, enhance ball speed, and control spin.

Super affordable set.


No fairway wood and only one wedge.

The driver head may not last long.

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