Best Left Handed Golf Irons

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Every golfer’s bag usually contains a variety of clubs, each for a different type of shot. The most common type of club is the golf iron. Irons are generally used either for tee shots on short holes or for shots from the fairway. In this article, we will go over the best left handed golf irons available on the market and help you purchase the right one for you.

However, before you can make an informed decision regarding what to choose, you must understand the basics of what golf irons are.

You can find golf irons in sets of 6 to 8 clubs. If you are not buying a complete set of golf clubs as a beginner, you should consider a good set of irons. Otherwise, buying one or two additional separate ones makes more sense if you already have a good set. Commonly, these sets contain irons 4 through 9 in addition to a pitching wedge. Moreover, some sets might also contain an approach wedge, otherwise also known as a gap wedge. Sand wedges are also sometimes found in iron sets. To tell which club heads are contained within a set, simply read the set make-up. You may see something like “5-PW.” This indicates that the set contains wedges from iron 5 to iron 9 as well as a pitching wedge. You may also want to pick one or two separate left handed wedges for your game along with a putter for lefties.

One of the most important functions of an iron is to impart spin onto the ball during the shot. This is achieved by the grooves running on the angled face of the wedge. The angle is often referred to as the “loft.” The grooves on an iron are much deeper than those on other clubs for this very reason.

Irons normally come with steel shafts. However, you also have the option of changing to a graphite shaft if you prefer a lightweight feel in your hands.

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Picks for Best Lefty Golf Irons…


Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge

Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge

  • Steel wedges from 46 to 60 degrees loft
  • 3 dynamic sole grinds.
  • Hollow cavity near the heel, weights along the toe edge
  • Rote face Technology for sharp tour zip grooves, maximum spin control


Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge

Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge

  • Steel and graphite wedges from 46 to 60 degrees loft
  • 4 sole grinds
  • Groove-In-Groove Technology for more spin


C3i Premium Wedge

C3i Premium Wedge

  • Steel wedges with 55, 59 and 65 degree lofts
  • Extra weight at the toe
  • Square stance-friendly

How to Choose an Iron

There are a number of factors to look out for when purchasing a golf iron. Each one of these will impact your game significantly.

Shaft Material and Flexibility

The first thing to consider is the flexibility of the shaft. A lighter shaft, such as graphite, will have higher flex and thus lead to greater swing speeds. This is a particularly useful feature for beginner players who have low swing speeds. The graphite shaft can help eliminate this weakness by helping compensate for it. On the flip side, however, a graphite shaft will decrease your accuracy due to the increased flex.

Alternatively, heavier and less flexible shafts, such as steel, provide greater accuracy and impact. This advantage, however, comes at the cost of increased weight and thus a lower swing speed. A majority of golf pros prefer steel shafts because they will naturally have good swing speeds and being consistently accurate is important at the top.

A third option has recently emerged on the market. These are called multi-material shafts and more and more professionals are picking these. Multi-material shafts are made with both graphite and steel layered on top of each other and turned into a single shaft. These have the flexibility of a graphite shaft with the accuracy of a steel shaft, offering the best of both worlds to golfers. These are generally the best option for both pros and beginners alike thanks to their more well-rounded characteristics.

Sole Width and Offset

One more consideration to make is the width of the sole on your golf iron. A wider sole generally means that more of the club’s weight is located towards the base. This lowers the center of gravity and can help you make more natural and stable shots with a higher trajectory and better bounce on contact.

Alternatively, picking an iron with a narrower sole will lead to you having a better feel and more control over the shot. This is because the center of gravity shifts up, closer to your hands with a narrow sole.

For a more forgiving club, the offset of the leading edge from the shaft behind the hosel should be on the bigger side. However, you’ll sacrifice some shot-shaping flexibility with a greater offset.

It’s important to find a good balance of sole width and offset to suit your requirements.

Build Type – Forged vs. Cast

Manufacturers usually create irons in one of two ways. The first method is forging. In this process, the blacksmith begins with a base metal that is then heated and hammered into the required shape. As a rule of thumb, forging creates good single-material clubs, which is usually carbon steel, and tend to be regarded as a superior choice in terms of durability and build.

If you prefer multi-material shafts, however, then cast irons are more suitable. Casting is essentially a process in which red-hot liquid base materials are poured into a mold and allowed to slowly cool down. This process is better for multi-material clubs with intricate designs, as different metals can be used together through this method. It is less expensive than forging.

Todays’ advanced technologies make casting just as good and powerful an iron as forging does. Moreover, clubs produced by casting tend to be more forgiving for newer players and can help increase the total travel distance of the ball.

Now that you have an idea about what factors to look for in a golf iron, you can start making a selection. The following is a list of some of the best left handed golf irons available in shops and online.

Best Left Handed Irons for Mid Handicapper

Callaway Golf 2021 Apex Individual Iron

Callaway Golf 2021 Apex Individual Iron

The Callaway Golf 2021 Apex Individual Iron is a high performance distance iron that offers impressive ball travel as well as excellent shot consistency. This iron is available in configurations from 3-iron to PW, as well as AW. It also comes in both steel and graphite options for lefties with varying amounts of flex.

One of the most unique things about this club is the fact that the face has been engineered with the help of artificial intelligence. The resulting design is one that provides high ball speeds across the face of the club while keeping your shots straight, helping improve your game significantly. While the spin is consistent, it is low, so it’ll be harder to hold the green.

The innovative technologies do not end there. The Apex 21 also makes use of a tungsten core to balance the center of gravity in the most optimal position for the player. Thanks to this, you can expect to have great launch characteristics as well as a large degree of consistency between shots. Moreover, this iron is also exceedingly forgiving, especially on slightly off-center shots.

Not only does the Apex 21 function well, but it also looks good. With a futuristic polished chrome look to it, this iron is likely to turn heads on the course. Thus, the Apex 21 is a good choice for increasing your distance and improving your play, especially if you are a low to mid handicapper.


Extra distance.

Extremely forgiving and consistent.

Robust launch and loft.

Compact irons.


Low spin.

Not good for high-handicappers.


Best Left Handed Game Improvement Irons

Most lefties are often looking for the best golf club to improve their game. However, irons that cater to a left-handed orientation are few and far between, despite the fact that 10% of the population is left-handed.

Fortunately, this trend has been reversing and left-handed people can now rejoice because there is an abundance of available options on the market. The following are two of the best irons for lefties in the world for improving your game as a left-handed player.

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Single Iron

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Single Iron

The Callaway Big Bertha B21 Single Iron is a Super Game Improvement club for low spin and long and straight shots. It is available in configurations ranging from 4-iron to PW. Moreover, you can also find it in both approach and sand wedge versions. The Big Bertha is also available in two materials: steel and graphite.

Not only does it have a wide sole, but it also has a significant amount of offset to help you shoot with a confident hand. The Big Bertha carries over some of the best features of the Apex 21.

The inclusion of a tungsten core in this iron adds to its stability and precision thanks to a lowered center of gravity, which also facilitates higher launch. Additionally, Big Bertha’s face cup is AI-designed and achieves high ball speed.

Along with functionality, Callaway has also focused on look and feel. The club itself has a beautiful reflective finish. Moreover, thanks to the inclusion of urethane microspheres, the majority of unneeded vibrations are absorbed without compromising on the ball speed.

In conclusion, the Big Bertha is a desirable option for players that want a forgiving iron that helps increase overall distance.


Super easy to hit with high launch angles and soft feel.

Strong and consistent ball speed.

Super forgiving.

Instills confidence in mid to high-handicappers.


The design is a little hefty.

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Individual Iron

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Individual Iron

The Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron is another top choice iron if you are looking to improve your play and address some of your weaknesses head on. This is the standard model in the Mavrik family and is the longest iron. It is a game improvement iron and while it is forgiving, it isn’t designed to be too forgiving and will work for most player profiles. It is available in configurations from 4-iron to PW. Moreover, you also have the option to purchase an approach, sand, or gap wedge. The iron also has two material options: graphite and steel.

The Mavrik was the first Callaway product to use AI-assisted design, a feature that gives it a significant advantage over the competition. Thanks to the AI, the Mavrik’s face cup has been designed to flex during swing-and-release on impact. This helps increase ball speed significantly past what would otherwise have been achieved. Thanks to the face architecture, this iron has increased spin robustness but with lower launch. All the irons are consistently strong on lofts, so it’s important to correctly space out your picks from the line.

Thanks to the strong offset, the MAVRIK favors a fade for lefties, but draws are possible too.

The Mavrik makes use of other unique technologies from the Callaway Brand as well. It has a tungsten core that helps improve stability as well as urethane microspheres to reduce vibrations and improve hand feel. The Mavrik’s look is also distinctly Callaway with a shiny chrome finish to the club.

Overall, this iron is a good option for left-handed people looking to boost the speed of their shots. Mid-handicappers are also likely to see their game get better if they go for the Mavrik.


Incredibly fast ball speeds with strong lofts.

Good feedback.

Impressive length.

Very forgiving.


Might have gapping issues in the long irons.

Mishits will not feel or sound good.


Best Left Handed Iron Sets for Game Improvement

TaylorMade SIM2 MAX OS Irons

TaylorMade SIM2 MAX OS Irons

The TaylorMade SIM2 MAX OS Irons sit somewhere between game improvement and super game improvement and can be bought in a few different configurations depending on what your requirements are. You can get configurations starting from 4 or 5-iron to PW. Moreover, additions of an approach wedge or sand wedge can also be made. The irons all have a steel shaft and come in either a flex or stiff rating. There’s also a graphite gap wedge that you can buy separately if you need it.

One of the SIM2 MAX OS’s best features is the echo damping system that has been integrated into the irons. By using some clever energy-absorbing geometry, Taylormade’s irons absorb the excess, and often uncomfortable, vibrations at the time of impact. Moreover, this improved comfort does not come at the cost of a decrease in feel, ball speed or face flexibility. Each iron has an Inverted Cone Technology (ICT) face that increases the sweet spot and minimizes side spin, resulting in a straighter shot.

Another strong design choice is the head of the club. MAX’s offering brings to the table an oversized head and a wide sole. Both these features make the iron hugely forgiving, especially in terms of turf interaction. When these design choices are paired with the lightweight hosel of the MAX irons, you get a low and back center of gravity which results in high and far shots.

Overall, this set is a good option for beginners, as the design choices make it easy to use and forgiving. These irons can also help high-handicappers increase the length of their shots and get better distance. And while there is a good women’s collection from this line, we recommend the Taylormade Kalea line as one of the best golf club collections for women.


Super forgiving and consistent.

Long approach shots.

Solid feel with good feedback.

Strong lofts.


Medium-low spin makes it difficult to hold a green.

Cobra Golf LH F-Max Irons

Cobra Golf LH F-Max Irons

The Cobra Golf LH F-Max Irons are both lightweight and beginner-friendly thanks to their forgiving designs. This set can be purchased in only one 7-iron configuration of 5-PW and a gap wedge. There is also only one material choice available for left handers for this set: steel.

The F-Max’s have a few key design choices that make them an excellent option as a super game improvement set. Firstly, they have a relatively larger, mid-size grip. This grip is crucial for comfort and helps each shot be consistent with the last. Secondly, the shaft has been designed to be extremely lightweight. Thanks to this reduction in weight, these irons can achieve high speeds even if you have only a moderate swing speed. Thus, this iron will extend the distance your shots travel. Every iron in the bag is the same length, i.e. a #7 iron, which has proven to be most player’s favorite iron. This helps increase a player’s confidence.

Cobra Golf has put a lot of focus on engineering the head. Due to its low-profile design, the club head shifts the center of gravity towards the back. Additionally, the irons have a deeper undercut. These two design choices serve to improve the launch of the ball as well as increase the swing speed.The F-Max is also a very forgiving set thanks to the fact that it has an offset hosel design. Due to this, the irons produce straighter and more accurate approach shots. The weight distribution of the club is such that the ball has a straighter and more forgiving flight.

Cobra Golf’s offering does not sacrifice form for the sake of functionality either. With a nickel-chrome coated exterior, the F-Max’s have a durable silver finish that is likely to turn heads at any golf course. Overall, this set is good for players with moderate swing who are looking to increase their speed and distance. High handicappers and beginners can also make good use of this set due to its forgiving design.


Good for players with moderate swing .

High launch and very forgiving.

Good feel on well-struck balls.

Lightweight and easy to swing.


Mishits lack response.

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo HB Iron Set

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo HB Iron Set

The Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo HB Iron Set is an excellent choice for golfers looking to increase the distance their ball travels. This club has a series of design innovations that radically increase distance and can help improve your game.

The Turbos are available in two configurations, 4-PW as well an option with an additional approach wedge included. You can get these in two different materials: graphite and steel.

Each Turbo iron uses high-strength steel in the construction of the head. Thanks to the properties of this material, the head can be thinner than on other irons. Due to this, overall weight decreases and the ball travels faster over longer distances than many other options on the market.

Turbo irons also feature a unique hollow construction design. Instead of the inside of the club being solid, it features supportive ribs to help withstand the forces of impact. Due to this, the iron as a whole is very forgiving. Additionally, the set transitions progressively from hybrid-like long irons to putter-like short irons. A distinctive HiBore profile diminishes as the loft increases. This gentle transition improves consistency and makes it so that you are not jarred during the game by unexpected differences in weight and characteristics between the individual irons.

Cleveland Golf’s offering also has a neat chrome and black finish on the clubs as well as the handle and shaft. This gives it a classy look and feel in the hands. This option is suitable for anyone looking to seriously step up the distance their shots travel while still maintaining a high degree of consistency and forgiveness in their set.


Super forgiving and sends the ball high and straight.

Low spin and offset to alleviate a left-hander’s draw.

Consistent distances.

Wide sole offers versatility.

Good for low swing speeds.


The head is bulky.

Not among the longest distance irons.

LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons

LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons

The LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons are some of the best bang for the buck golfing equipment available. These provide you with good performance and excellent value for money, particularly if you are looking for a budget option.

These can be bought in various different configurations although the available options range from 4-PW and driving irons 2 and 3. However, one thing to note is that there is no graphite option and these irons only have one shaft material: alloy steel.

The Lazrus Premiums come with a custom grip as well as a stepped steel shaft. Both these design choices add to the comfort and consistency of the design, making it more forgiving than many other options on the market.

Additionally, these clubs come equipped with deep grooves on the head. This imparts spin onto the ball and hence can help you have more control over the ball and its direction. The head design also makes these irons very easy to hit with thanks to the decent width. The leading edge on the head is also angled so that turf interaction is greatly improved when launching the ball.

The Lazrus Premium irons do not only perform well, but they also look the part. These clubs come with a mirror finish just like many other offerings on this list. Moreover, Lazarus’ offering also has blue accents which give them a sporty look and feel in the hand.

This set can be viewed as having some of the best value for money of any iron set. They will help you save money as well as complement any wooden or hybrid clubs already within your arsenal. Moreover, if you like clubs that can provide a high degree of spin, this is also a suitable option.


Look and feel like more expensive clubs.

Easy to hit and enables more control and accuracy.

High launching and pretty lightweight.

Good spin.

Good grips.


Not among the longest set of irons.

Ball speed not very high.

So, if you love golf and are left-handed, you no longer have to worry about finding the best golf iron for you. Using the information provided in this article and some useful tips on golfing left-handed, your search for the perfect golf iron can finally come to an end and you can go back to successfully playing the game you love.

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