Best Left Handed Guitar for Kids

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When it comes to getting your hands on a suitable guitar for children who are below the age of 12, it is definitely not as easy as finding one for adults. Since full sized guitars cannot be easily handled by children, you need to dig a little deeper to find the best left handed guitar for kids and it takes a bit of research to do so. There are of course some guitars that fit the requirements of a child and are also quite cheap but many tend to need upgrading as the kid grows. There are some ¾ sized guitars that your child can keep for a longer period of time and can continue using until they are adults, while a few 1/2 sized ones are good for the youngest of kids.

This article will guide you in selecting the perfect acoustic guitar for your left handed child. We’ll cover kids left handed electric and bass guitars in a separate article.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Picks for Best Left Handed Junior Acoustic Guitar…


LX1 Little Martin Left Handed Acoustic Guitar

LX1 Little Martin Left Handed Acoustic Guitar

  • 23″ scale, 20 frets
  • Steel string acoustic travel guitar


Oscar Schmidt OG10CEFTBLLH Concert Size Acoustic Electric Left Hand Guitar

Oscar Schmidt Concert Size Acoustic Electric Left Hand Guitar

  • 23″ scale, 20 frets
  • Steel string acoustic-electric concert guitar with single cutaway
  • Built in 4-band active EQ with tuner


J&Z Beginner Acoustic Classical Guitar 3/4 Junior Size

J&Z Beginner Acoustic Classical Guitar 3/4 Junior Size

  • 24.5″ scale, 18 frets
  • Nylon string classical-acoustic 3/4 size guitar
  • Several accessories included

What Size Guitar Should I Buy for my Child?

One of the most important requirements that you need to pay attention to while selecting a guitar for your child is to purchase a guitar that is of the right size. A guitar that is not the right size can lead to a plethora of unnecessary issues. One of the errors that we tend to commit while measuring the size of a guitar is assuming that the overall length of the guitar indicates the size of the guitar. On the contrary, the true size of the instrument is indicated by the scale length of the guitar. This scale length comprises the length from the bridge of the instrument to the nut of the guitar. Below is a size chart that will aid you if you want to know how to choose the right size guitar for a child:

AgeHeight of the childGuitar sizeScale lengthOverall length
12-adult5′ and taller4/424.75″-25.5″40″

Out of all the different sized guitars meant for children, the ¾ sized guitars are the most common you’ll come across. Some of these guitars are not exactly ¾ in size and might come under the category of a short scale guitar where the latter stands for guitars that have a maximum scale length of 24 ¾ inches as opposed to the full scale of 25.5 inches. The difference in the length between a short scale guitar and a 3/4th size guitar is not big and they might be considered the same.

Another option is a concert guitar. While its sound is at a lower volume than a standard guitar, its narrower waist makes it a good choice for smaller players. Its body and neck length, width of the lower and upper bouts, and body depth are all just a little less than a dreadnought. They can sometimes be of better quality overall than a beginner’s 3/4 size guitar. They features decreased string tension, making fretting easier on the fingers and providing a softer feel. 

A third option is a travel-sized guitar. These are not too different from their full-sized cousins in terms of features and they have a full-scale or near full-scale length, but are just a little more compact so that they’re easier to travel with. They aren’t budget options but provide more bang for the buck for kids than full-sized guitars, so consider these if you’re looking for something to carry your child from beginner to intermediate level at least.

Now coming to the type of guitar that will be most suitable for a child there is no actual rule, since a child can learn to play any style of music according to their own comfort and tastes. However, getting a classical guitar is highly recommended if your child is a beginner, since it helps the player build a strong foundation and incorporate proper technique. These guitars come with a wider fretboard and a smaller body that allows more comfort while playing. The nylon strings also prove to be gentler to play in contrast to steel strings that might cut into the player’s fingers. In the beginning, nylon strings tend to stretch so you will need to retune them often until they don’t stretch anymore. Moreover, owing to their straight bridge, the classical guitars are also quite easy to restring when it comes to the left handed players. This option is only relevant if you can’t find a suitable left handed guitar and want to convert a right handed one.

However, the choice also depends on the child, if they have their heart set on some other style of guitar then you might want to indulge them since a preferred style of guitar keeps their interest buoyed. If you’re an adult who wants to learn to play, take a look at our top left handed beginner acoustic guitars, beginner lefty electric guitars, and beginner lefty bass guitars.

Left Handed Concert Guitar

Oscar Schmidt OG10CEFTBLLH Concert Size Acoustic Electric Left Hand Guitar

Oscar Schmidt OG10CEFTBLLH Concert Size Acoustic Electric Left Hand Guitar

The Oscar Schmidt Concert Size Acoustic Electric Left Hand Guitar comes with a spruce top, a mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, back and sides made of laminated catalpa and with a truss rod that is completely adjustable. It also features a cutaway that allows improved upper fret access. The built in 4-band active EQ with chrome die-cast digital tuner helps in enhancing the acoustics of the guitar.

The instrument is suitable for children who are 10 years old and above, as it is a bit smaller in all dimensions than a dreadnought. Its scale length is 23″ and has 20 frets. Various facets like the excellent gloss finish and the abalone binding make this guitar look quite expensive and attractive.

Coming to the sound quality of the guitar, it is solid and clear and strumming and fingerstyle both sound good. It produces a very nice tone but you may need to tune it frequently.


Adjustable truss rod.

Very good preamp setup.

Good value.


May not keep tune too well.



Left Handed 3/4 Acoustic Guitar

J&Z Beginner Acoustic Classical Guitar 3/4 Junior Size

J&Z Beginner Acoustic Classical Guitar 3/4 Junior Size

The J&Z Beginner 3/4 Junior Size Acoustic Classical Guitar is an excellent beginner’s classical guitar and comes with nylon strings, which help in producing a quieter, soft sound. These nylon strings also prove to be very comfortable for children, as they are not as hard as the steel strings. Do note, however, that the A, D, and E strings have a core of nylon that is covered by white brass wire, which is traditional for classical guitars. This 36 inch, 18 frets guitar is lightweight, very affordable, and can last for a few years.

This 3/4 size left handed guitar comes along with a nylon strap, a guitar bag, a battery operated tuner, one wipe and two picks. It has solid a basswood top, sides and back. The neck, fret board and head are fashioned out of maple. The neck does not have a truss rod but the action is pretty spot on. If you find the action high, it’s pretty simple to adjust by filing the bridge saddle.

One of the most interesting features of this guitar is that the whole instrument has been hand crafted by high quality craftsmen. With all of these different features, this guitar is one of the best options available for beginners in the market.


Affordable and portable.

Comes with a number of accessories.

The included tuner is very good.


May need to file the bridge down to lower the action.

It takes some time for the nylon strings to stay in tune.


Omega Left Handed Classical Acoustic Guitar 3/4 Size

Omega Left Handed Classical Acoustic Guitar 3/4 Size

The Omega 3/4 size Left Handed Classical Acoustic Guitar is an acoustic guitar that assumes a modernized design. The spruce top provides vibrant tones through improved design. This guitar’s classic style is influenced by Spanish guitars. Moreover, the basswood body is elegant and beautiful.

It is common for all six strings of a classical guitar to be nylon, with the bottom three strings featuring silver-plated copper wire and silk wound over the nylon core, which is what you’ll find here along with open tuners. As also common with classical guitars, the action is high.

The neck is straight, and the body curvature is good. Additionally, the fret board and bridge are made from Nato-wood. The pitch and tones correspond to the medium range and the frets are aligned. This classical acoustic guitar has exceptional sound in addition to being durable and beautiful.


Super affordable.

Quality sound.

Very nice construction and elegant design.


Action is high.

Doesn’t stay in tune.

Left Handed Beginner Travel Guitars for Kids and Adults

Martin LX1 Little Martin Left Handed Acoustic Guitar

Martin LX1 Little Martin Left Handed Acoustic Guitar

Martin is quite popular when it comes to acoustic guitars and the LX1 Little Martin Left Handed Acoustic Guitar does not disappoint at all. It has a solid top made of Sitka spruce and high pressure laminate mahogany back and sides. The neck of the guitar is also fashioned from mahogany and the 20 fret fingerboard is made of Richlite. The strings are in phosphorus bronze.

One popular singer who is usually seen touring with this guitar is Ed Sheeran, hence, it is a favorite amongst children as well as adults with small hands. This 23-inch scale guitar will last a player for a long period of time and is one of the best options available in the market at this price. The materials that have been used in the construction of this instrument are quite sustainable and get better with age and time.

Coming to the quality of sound of this guitar, the solid spruce top produces a bright tune that is balanced by the mahogany sides and back and we finally get an even, clear sound. It features a Style X cross bracing pattern inside the body to provide stability and control vibration. It is a real joy to play. First, the nicely-shaped neck contributes to it feeling effortless, and the action can be set low to prevent a struggle. Because the strings are well placed, they are a little forgiving.

A gig bag is also included with the guitar.


Sustainable and durable materials.

Perfect for traveling.

One of the best options for the price.

Well balanced tone.


No fret inlays but there are white dot markers down the side.

Volume and bass is lower than on a dreadnought.



Taylor GS Mini Mahogany-L Acoustic Guitar, Lefty

Taylor GS Mini Mahogany-L Acoustic Guitar

Just like the little Martin above, the Taylor GS Mini Mahogany-L Acoustic Guitar is also quite popular for the solid wood top that it comes equipped with. It is a scaled-down version of Taylor’s extremely popular Grand Symphony guitar. Out of all the models that this guitar is available in, the one with the Mahogany top, back and sides is the most affordable. A similar GS Mini-e model with a beautiful solid Koa top and no pickguard is available too.

The neck of the guitar is made of sapele while the fingerboard is constructed out of ebony. 20 frets are placed on a 23.5” scale length. The guitar has an arched back with layered sapele bracing that adds to the whole structure of the guitar. The nut and saddle are made from Nubone.

Compared to the Mini Martin, the sound that it produces is deeper and woodier with clear and full tones. This guitar has received great reviews from far and wide and people consider it to be too good to be a travel guitar. The action is really well set up on the GS Mini.

The guitar comes with a high quality soft guitar bag.


Comes with an excellent guitar bag.

Good action.

Amazing tone and volume for its size.


The pickguard is a bit ugly.

1/2 Size Left Handed Acoustic Guitar

Ortega 6 String Family Series 1/2 Size Left-Handed Classical Guitar

Ortega 6 String Family Series 1/2 Size Left-Handed Classical Guitar

The Ortega 6 String Family Series 1/2 Size Left-Handed Classical Guitar has a top made of spruce, mahogany sides, neck and back, walnut fretboard, and a white gloss finish. It comes equipped with fan bracing and an adjustable 2- way truss rod which adds to the overall quality of the instrument. It has a fixed guitar bridge system with double holes to make changing strings quick and easy and helps with a cleaner and crisper sound. This 1/2 size left handed guitar has a 22” scale length with 18 frets.

It is difficult to come by a guitar of this quality, that is made for left handed players, at the extremely pocket friendly price it is available in. It has nylon strings, which make it easier and more comfortable for children to play the instrument. It produces a warm, resonant sound with fast response.


Pocket friendly.

Changing strings is easy and fast.

Comes with a deluxe padded gig bag.


Volume is not very high.

Omega Classical Acoustic Guitar 1/2 Size Left Handed

Omega Classical Acoustic Guitar 1/2 Size Left Handed

This Omega Classical Acoustic 1/2 Size Left Handed Guitar is made of a spruce top and basswood body, the neck of which is constructed out of Nato wood. Its overall length is 34″. The top three strings of the guitar are made of Nylon while the bottom strings are made of steel. Considering the shape, size and weight of the instrument, it is one of the best options available for your child at a very affordable price.

The sound quality of the left handed half size guitar is pretty good and the instrument is considered one of the best for little beginners. The overall look and workmanship of the instrument is pretty good. It also comes with a good guitar case and an instructional DVD for your child to learn from.


Unbeatable price.

Comes with a guitar case.

Good option for a beginner.


Quality of strings means it needs frequent tuning.

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