10 Cool Left Handed Novelty Gifts

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If you’re a righty, you know that it can be tough to find unique gifts for people who are left-handed. Before you buy that left handed pair of kitchen scissors, keep in mind that there are lots of cool left handed novelty gifts available.

Let us introduce you to some unique options. These don’t have to be particularly useful but they are pretty neat, beautiful, or even funny and are sure to be appreciated for their downright awesomeness. There are even novelty gifts that make your “lefty” look good.

Novelty Gifts for Lefties

Left Hander’s T-shirt

Lefthanders Tee - Lefty Gift T-Shirt

Every lefthander has to have a t-shirt with a clever quote on it. Let your friend or loved one announce their left-handedness proudly! It’s a great gift for Lefthander’s Day.

This one by the Left Handers Tees & Co. comes in sizes for men, women, and youth and is made of cotton and polyester for a lightweight classic fit, so they make for great left handed gifts for guys and ladies.

Talking about things that left-handers might wear, take a look at watches for lefties if you have the budget.


Selamica Porcelain 18oz Novelty Left-handed Handwarmer Mug

Selamica Porcelain 18oz Novelty Left-handed Handwarmer Mug

While this Selamica Handwarmer mug is made for left handers, right handers may like it too. It features an ergonomic pocket for a handle on one side so that left handers can tuck their left hand fingers in while wrapping the rest of the palm around the left side of the mug and hold the right hand against the other side. Righthanders can tuck their right hand fingers in by wrapping them around the pocket and holding their left hand around on the other side.

This mug is made of thick porcelain so you can comfortably hold a hot drink without it feeling too hot and your drink won’t cool down too fast on a cold day. The glazing process makes every mug one of a kind, so it’s an ideal gift for just about anyone. You can microwave, dishwash, freeze and bake it up to 250°F.


Lefty’s True Left-Handed Playing Cards

Lefty's True Left-Handed Playing Cards

I bet you didn’t know that lefties can’t fan playing cards in their left hand, which would be most natural to them? That’s because standard card decks have the suits printed on the top left and bottom right corners, which would be obscured if fanned in the left hand.

With these Lefty’s True Left-Handed playing cards, the numbers are printed on the opposite corners. A left-hander can finally play without being clumsy and the right-hander playing with them can see what it feels like to be inconvenienced! Or you could also get this as a gag gift for a righty.

This is a set of two decks and they come in a divided hard plastic storage case.


Left Handed Aussie Fever Boomerang

Left Handed Aussie Fever Wooden Boomerang

For anyone that likes to play games at the beach or out in the backyard, learning to throw and catch a boomerang is great fun for people of all ages. You cannot use just any boomerang if you’re a left-hander, so an aboriginal inspired wooden boomerang made for lefties is sure to be appreciated.

This Aussie Fever wooden boomerang can be played by anyone aged 10 and over and its flight range is between 30 and 40 meters. Its design makes it easy to catch on the return. There are a few other left handed boomerangs to choose one if you think this one won’t be suitable.

The Natural Superiority of the Left-Hander

The Natural Superiority of the Left-Hander

Lefties sometimes tend to think the world is against them, so why not make them feel a little better with a book that makes them feel a little superior?

The Natural Superiority of the Left-Hander is a fast, interesting, and humorous take on the world of left-handedness using facts, statistics, and illustrations.

Careful though, don’t gift this to a kid because there are a couple of off-color topics in there.


Fisher AG7 Original Astronaut Space Pen

Fisher AG7 Original Astronaut Space Pen

Did you know that 25% of the astronauts from NASA’s early space programs (Mercury to Apollo) were left handers? Sure, you can buy regular pens that are good for left-handers, but gifting a special astronaut’s pen instead is way cooler.

The Fisher AG7 Original Astronaut Space Pen was used aboard the Apollo 7 space trip in 1968 following a two-year NASA test period, as well as on all subsequent human space flights.

A durable chrome coating protects the solid brass AG7’s surface. Each refill is hermetically sealed, nitrogen-gas-pressurized, and includes a tungsten carbide ballpoint tip.

Because these pens are no longer dependent on gravity, they can now be used at any angle, even upside down. Fisher ink has a viscosity comparable to toothpaste when at rest, and resembles a gel instead of a liquid. So leaks caused by gas pressure are prevented. Pressing the ballpoint will transform the ink into a liquid, yet maintain its stickiness, so it clings to a variety of surfaces.

All these properties make them excellent pens for lefties because they can write at any angle comfortable to them and the ink will stick to any surface to prevent smearing. Don’t forget that you can even consider one of the best fountain pens for left handers.


The Left-Hander’s 2022 Weekly Planner Calendar

The Left-Hander's 2022 Weekly Planner Calendar

Southpaws throughout history are spotlighted in the pages of this Left-Hander’s 2022 Weekly Planner Calendar with fascinating trivia and anecdotes as well as quotations from southpaw accomplishments. Also, each week’s page celebrates famous lefties’ birthdays. There is nothing quite like this planner to let left-handed people know that their talents and accomplishments are celebrated!

A spiral binding on the right side makes it easy for left-handed people to use. A planning page is included for 2023 and the at-a-glance calendar includes 2022 and 2023.

If this is not enough as a gift, how about pairing a laptop lap desk for left handers with it?

Lefty Crosswords: 75 Puzzles About Southpaws

Lefty Crosswords: 75 Puzzles About Southpaws

This collection of crosswords for and about southpaws focuses on themes all about famous left-handed people or left-handedness in general. The author has constructed crosswords for several national publications.

Left-handed people have a harder time solving crossword puzzles in newspapers and puzzle books. The right-side grid hinders left-handed solvers from answering without covering up most of the clues. This collection is designed just for them: not only are the grids on the left, but every other page is upside down, so their hands are never uncomfortably resting on the spiral binding.

Gag Gifts for Left Handers

YAVIS 12″ Inch Backwards Wall Clock

YAVIS 12" Inch Backwards Wall Clock

This Backwards Wall Clock will make right-handers do a double take when they glance at it at their lefty friend’s house. Lefties have always had an easier time with deciphering mirror writing and doing things backwards so reading time on this clock for them will be a hoot while taking revenge on their righty friends!

Everything on this 12″ wall clock works perfectly but moves counterclockwise – the hour, minute and second hands. The numbers are positioned counterclockwise but not mirrored. All it needs to get going is an “AA” battery.

Lefty’s Blue Terra Cotta Left-handed Dribble Mug

Lefty's Blue Terra Cotta Left-handed Dribble Mug

The Lefty’s Blue Terra Cotta Left-handed Dribble Mug alerts right-handers with its logo on the front and a warning at the back that it is a lefty’s coffee mug. It also “punishes” any righty that dares to take a sip from it. If a righty picks it up naturally with his right hand, a small dribble hole right under where he’d sip from it will make him spill the drink. The hole is small and hard to see, so it can catch a righty unawares! The correct side of the mug doesn’t have this hole, so a lefty can enjoy his drink peacefully.

The capacity of this ceramic mug is 17 oz.

Have you seen any good left handed novelty gifts recently? Comment below and we may include it in this list!

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