Best Fountain Pen for Lefties

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Fountain pens are a wonderful writing tool with a variety of uses, from ordinary tasks to decorative calligraphy. They can also be very difficult to use as a left hander, if your writing technique doesn’t suit them. In this article, we will help you find the best fountain pen for lefties and look at why each one in our selection is great. Whether you are a beginner to fountain pen use or not, there’s something for everyone here.

Side-writers, who draw their hands over the freshly written words as they write, are particularly susceptible to smudging. Overwriters curl their hand above their words and as such don’t have such a big problem with smudging, while underwriters don’t have trouble with smudging at all thanks to their placement of the hand under the words. Underwriters mirror the writing position of most right-handed people and don’t have to worry about most of the worries that plague other lefties.

Besides left handed smudged writing, lefties also have to deal with increased drag from the nibs due to pushing the nib across the page instead of pulling. You also might have trouble with ink flow and will almost certainly have to consciously change the angle at which you hold your pen. If you want to try one of the fountain pens we recommend below, we also suggest a few fountain pen writing tips to help you get started properly as well as our guide to help you choose the right kind of nib, fountain pen ink that’s lefty friendly, and paper. In fact, we have some recommendations for the best notebooks for left handers too. Don’t forget that a left hander will probably appreciate one of these fountain pens as a lefties gift too!

If you want to know what the best pens for lefties are in general, we have recommendations for those too.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Picks for best Fountain Pen for Left handed People…


LAMY Safari DB04430

LAMY Safari DB04430

  • Cartridge refill and converter compatible
  • 5 different nibs, including the left handed nib in fine
  • Stainless steel nib


TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen


  • Piston filler
  • 5 different nibs with the fine being best for lefties
  • Stainless steel nib


PILOT Vanishing Point Decimo Fountain Pen

PILOT Vanishing Point Decimo

  • Retractable & refillable
  • 4 different sized nibs with the fine or extra fine being best for lefties
  • Rhodium-plated 18 karat gold nib

Best for Beginners

If you’re looking for a good introductory fountain pen, we recommend one of the pens on this list.

LAMY Safari DB04430 Left-Hander Nib Fountain Pen

LAMY Safari DB04430 Left-Hander Nib Fountain Pen

The LAMY Safari DB04430 Fountain Pen for lefties is a sleek, elegant option for people who aren’t quite sure where to start with fountain pens. It comes with a no-fuss cartridge system that can easily be modified to use bottled ink using one of the converters sold by LAMY. The pen’s grip is flared on the bottom, which you might find to be something of a blessing if you have trouble with pens sliding up into your hand as you write.

The Safari uses steel nibs. While you can choose from different sizes, you can also use the dedicated nib designed for left-handed people. One thing that might stand out to you if you use the Safari is how smooth and instant the ink flow is. The ink starts flowing the moment the nib hits the paper, and you won’t have trouble with stoppage.

Interestingly, the flared grip is designed to make you hold your pen in a certain way so that you don’t tire out easily. This can take some getting used to, but it’s a small price to pay for a comfortable, fuss-free writing experience.



Smooth ink flow.

Interchangeable nibs.


Only takes LAMY cartridges if not using a converter.

Writing is smoother when using a bottle ink converter.

TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen Fine Nib

TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen Fine Nib

The TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen Fine Nib is a piston-type fountain pen – you draw ink up into its barrel, as opposed to using cartridges. It has a sleek, transparent body with white and red accents, giving it an elegant, almost sci-fi look that is very pleasing to the eye. Like the Safari, it allows you to change nibs to something you prefer. While this pen is not specifically marketed towards left-handed people, many see it as an excellent option.

While larger than the Safari, it is well-balanced and not too heavy or unwieldy for a person with smaller hands. The cap can be stuck onto the end of the pen while you’re writing, which is very convenient, although you should probably keep in mind that this will affect the balance of the pen in your hand.

The molded grip on the ECO is much more subtle than on the Safari, with triangular bits that serve as a guide for where your fingers should go. This is unobtrusive and easy to get used to, so you may not notice it at all unless you make an effort.

The nibs on the pen are slightly flexible in comparison to the Safari, but not so much as to be a problem for a lefty. Ink flow is moderate and combined with a quick-dry ink, you probably won’t face any issues with smudging.

All in all, the ECO is a utilitarian, stylish pen that delivers a smooth, smudge-free experience for beginners and experienced fountain pen users alike, making it a perfect contender in this list.


Smooth ink flow.

Fairly smudge-free with the right ink.

Comfortable grip and balance.


The piston system might not take well to certain inks.

Pelikan Pelikano Jr. Fountain Pen, Left-Handed

Pelikan Pelikano Jr. Left Handed Fountain Pen

The Pelikan Pelikano Jr is, like the Jr implies, one of Pelikan’s fountain pens made with primary school students in mind. It is intended to be an introduction to fountain pens and is a no-brainer for this list.

The pen is made of vibrant blue plastic, sturdy enough to withstand a few knocks. It has a molded rubber grip, which is great for comfort and is meant to prevent the pen from rotating in your hand, thereby keeping the nib at the same writing angle once you’ve found the correct one. If the ink doesn’t flow out properly, it probably means you need to adjust the nib angel. The grip was also designed with the fact that students using these pens are transitioning from pencil use, which is a nice touch.

The Pelikano Jr takes Pelikan cartridges, but unlike the Safari, you can’t convert this for bottle ink use easily. The cartridges the pen is meant to use, the Pelikan 4001 refills, are easy to replace and relatively mess-free, so this isn’t really a deal-breaker.

The nib on this pen is stainless steel medium and meant for lefties. It isn’t interchangeable, so if you don’t like the ink flow and thickness of the lines that this pen offers, you’d have to buy a new pen. Like the Safari, this pen is designed to be held a certain way and will train you to do so, which takes getting used to.

The Pelikano is an excellent little pen that makes a perfect introduction to fountain pens for a child, although we probably wouldn’t recommend it for adults due to the size.


Extremely beginner-friendly.

Sturdy build.

Designed for children.


Nib can be scratchy.

Good Fountain Pens for Lefties

Now that we’ve looked at beginner-friendly fountain pen models, we can now take a look at some versatile pens that will fit the needs of most left-handed people, while doing the job they were meant to do with polish.

PILOT Vanishing Point Decimo Refillable & Retractable Fountain Pen, Extra Fine

PILOT Vanishing Point Decimo Refillable & Retractable Fountain Pen

The Pilot Vanishing Point Decimo is an odd one. It looks like a luxury ballpoint pen, for all intents and purposes, until you bring out the retractable nib, which reveals itself to be a rhodium-plated 18 karat gold fountain nib. With its unique retractable design and sleek good looks, the Decimo immediately stands out.

The pen comes in four different nib sizes, allowing you to have some choice. Regardless of which nib you pick; you’ll be guaranteed a smooth writing experience. The thicker nibs are wetter than the narrower ones, so keep that in mind when choosing your ink. Left handed writers with an overwriters’ grip won’t have any problems with clip placement, skipping, and smudging ink as they write. This extra-fine nib provides the perfect amount of feedback.

It comes with a cartridge and a converter for bottled ink, letting you decide your ink preference without requiring you to buy the converter.

The Decimo is a luxe, sleek option for the discerning writer, promising to be smooth and a joy to write with.


Smooth writing experience.

Comes with a cartridge and a converter in the box.

The gold nib is not as flexible as one might expect.


Very expensive.

Pelikan Pelikano Up Fountain Pen, Left-Handed

Pelikan Pelikano Up Fountain Pen

The Pelikan Pelikano Up is a stylish, aluminum-bodied fountain pen that has a variant specifically for lefties. With its muted colors and ink level window, this pen is a striking addition to this list.

The Pelikano Up has a soft rubber grip to ensure comfort during prolonged writing sessions. The pen comes with a medium nib, which can’t be replaced with a finer or thicker one.

It takes the Pelikan brand cartridges, and while not designed for converters, the standard Pelikan converter does fit, as people have reported success with using them. There’s an ink window in the barrel so you can see how much ink is left in the cartridge.

This pen promises an ergonomic, smooth writing experience, but lacks some of the customizations that a finicky writer might prefer.


Comfortable grip.

Smooth writing.

Easy to check ink levels.


Specifically designed for cartridge use.

Pilot Custom Heritage 912 Fountain Pen with Waverly Nib

Pilot Custom Heritage 912 Fountain Pen with Waverly Nib

Pilot has been in the game of pen manufacture for a long time, and it shows with the Custom Heritage 912. This pen comes with a medium Waverly nib, which is slightly upturned for an extremely smooth writing experience. If you aren’t used to Waverly nibs this may take some getting used to, but it’s worth it for the buttery smooth ink flow the nib promises.

The pen comes with a converter in case you don’t want to use cartridges, allowing you the versatility of ink choice. The free-flowing nature of the nib means you may want to consider a quick-dry ink.

The Waverly nib provides a particular advantage for lefties – it has a wide writing angle. There’s no fixed position for optimum ink flow – you can simply write as you wish.

This classic, elegant, smooth-flowing pen is perfect for lefties, promising a luxury experience par for the price.


Very smooth writing.

No particular hand position required.

Comes with a converter.



Dryden Designs Fountain Pen Medium Nib

Dryden Designs Fountain Pen Medium Nib

The Dryden Designs Fountain Pen is an excellent way to get a taste for luxe fountain pens without lightening your wallet. This classic, elegant pen comes in several colors, with 24 cartridges and a piston bottle ink converter included in the box to let you pick your style and tailor your ink preferences.

The medium nib on this pen gives a certain weight to your writing and is very smooth. Your ink will glide across the paper like it would when using any of the lower-end offerings of a luxury brand like Parker, LAMY, or Pilot. It does consume more ink than a fine nib, so keep that in mind.

Overall, the Dryden Designs pen is a smooth-writing, aesthetically pleasing contender for best left handed fountain pen, at a price that makes it hard to resist.



Smooth writing.

Comes with a converter.


The cartridges that come with the pen are rather small.

Lower ink economy.

PILOT MR Retro Pop Collection Fountain Pen

PILOT MR Retro Pop Collection Fountain Pen

The PILOT MR Retro Pop Collection pens are a range of fantastic fountain pens in funky colors. The 60s-70s aesthetics blend well with a smooth, modern writing experience to create a fun but functional fountain pen that is very well suited to lefties.

The pen is cartridge and converter compatible for full creative expression beyond the color of the pen’s body itself. You can use any of Pilot’s nibs on these pens, but we recommend the fine nib for lefties to avoid smudging, as the thicker nibs are considerably wetter and require quick-dry ink. The smooth ink-flow offered by the Pilot MRs is perfect for both beginners and experienced fountain pen users alike.

The MRs are a great, wallet-friendly introduction to fountain pens while being versatile enough to appeal to a broad range of fountain pen users, making its spot on this list very well-deserved.


Smooth ink flow.


Converter provided in the box.

Helps to avoid smearing of ink.


Fewer nib options than some of the other pens on this list.

Balance may not be ideal for some users.

Best Fountain Pen Nib for Left Handers

We’ve examined fountain pens so far, but what about nibs? Nibs are often the key to a fountain pen’s performance for a lefty. Nibs designed specifically for right-handed people are less likely to work for a lefty, and it’s important that you find a nib that suits you. Look no further than the only real contender we found for the title, the LAMY Left-handed Nib.

Lamy Left-Handed Nib

Lamy Left-Handed Steel Replacement Nib

LAMY pens all allow for interchangeable nibs, and the LAMY Left-handed Steel Replacement nib is the company’s offering for southpaws.

This nib is similar to the other medium nibs offered by the company, with smooth, moderately thick ink flow, and a rounded head to prevent scratchiness. The feature that sets this nib apart from the ordinary medium nibs, however, is the slight obliqueness specifically designed for left-handed people. Most lefties hold their pens at a different angle to righties, making this obliqueness essential for ink flow when the pen is held at these angles. The medium size nib is comfortable for almost any writer, making them a great choice regardless of how experienced you are with fountain pens.

Made of stainless steel, this left handed oblique nib is firm and unyielding, unlike softer, flexible gold nibs, ideal for lefties, who push their nibs across the paper instead of pulling them. The oblique design prevents obstruction of ink flow for a lefty, and allows left handers the luxury of an interruption-free writing experience.


Best for a lefty overwriter or sidewriter.

Easy to install.



We hope that this article will help you in your search for the perfect fountain pen to suit your lefty writing needs, and provides you with all the information you need to make the right choice.

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