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A good tape measure is an essential component of every toolbox, from builders to architects, contractors to engineers. Anyone who’s tried to take measurements solo will tell you it’s no easy task. And it’s twice as hard if you’re a lefty using a tape that hasn’t been designed for you.

That’s why we’ve come up with this list to help you find the best left handed tape measure on the market. Because at the end of the day, you need to get accurate measurements, and that simply isn’t possible with a hard-to-handle tape measure.

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top Picks for a Left Handed Measuring Tape…


Task Tools TR213 25-Feet Left Handed ProTrak Tape Measure

Task Tools TR213 Left Handed ProTrak

  • 25′ length, 1″ width
  • Red stud markings every 16″
  • Speedlock brake and smooth rewind


FastCap PSSR16 16' FastPad Standard Reverse Measuring Tape

FastCap PSSR 16′ FastPad Standard Reverse

  • Comes in 16′ and 25′ lengths, 1″ width
  • Standard and standard reverse rule
  • Built in erasable notepad and pencil sharpener


Fastcap Self-Adhesive 16' Reversible Tape

Fastcap Self-Adhesive 16′ Reversible Tape

  • 16′ length, 7/8″ width
  • Standard and standard reverse rule

Is There a Left Handed Tape Measure?

Now you might be wondering if there’s really that much of a difference between a right and left handed tape measure. While it may be a new concept for you, the difference is massive! For one, the entire pulling mechanism is reversed. That includes the blade, case, hook, and safety features. So you can hook the tape with your right hand and pull the case with your left. Then you can use your right hand to mark your wood or other material with a pencil. This last point is something that many right handers actually prefer and also why many prefer to use a left handed circular saw instead of a right handed one.

As a result, you can use your dominant hand to flick the thumb lock and control the spring and stop mechanism. Naturally, this means that the numbers also read from right to left, which will make reading and interpreting distances incredibly easy. Having a tape measure that is designed with your comfort and ease in mind will make your job a lot less stressful. Another measuring tool that is useful when flipped around for reading measurements is a left-handed caliper.

Often your right to left tape measure will come with a belt clip so you can hang it in front or on your left side of an ambidextrous or left-handed tool belt and easily pull it out when you need to. Additionally, these tapes can even benefit right-handed individuals, since it leaves their dominant hand free to hold and mark things with a pencil.

Here’s an interesting side note for construction workers and DIYers: a left-handed drill bit is a drill bit that rotates in the counter-clockwise direction instead of clockwise. It’s a tool that both right and left-handers can use along with their drill in the reverse mode to extract broken or old screws and bolts from walls and beams.

Now that you know how it works, you have to make the decision of which tape to purchase.

Right to Left Measuring Tape

Task Tools TR213 25′ Left Handed ProTrak Tape Measure

Task Tools TR213 25-Feet Left Handed ProTrak Tape Measure

The Task Tools TR213 ProTrak is a durable, heavy-duty 25′ tape measure. Whether you want to take a few measurements around the house or take it out on site, this left-handed tape measure will give you the most accurate readings. A triple rivet reinforced tip that easily holds onto corners or even nails lets you take precise readings single-handedly.

The nylon coating on the 1″ wide tape makes it three times as durable as regular tapes and protects it from rust. The impact-proof case is built using strengthened polyurethane so it won’t fall and break. It features smooth rewind so that the internal mechanism won’t get damaged over time, and a speedlock brake so you won’t accidentally hurt your fingers.


Durable coating for heavy-duty use.

Strengthened case.

Easy to take precise readings with large numbers.


The tape clips on the right, which can become difficult to handle for some lefties.

Lefty’s Left-Handed 25′ Tape Measure with Rubber Guard

Lefty's Left-Handed Tape Measure with Rubber Guard

The Lefty’s Store has long established itself as the go-to place for all left-handed items and promises products that are designed specifically with your ease in mind. Their Lefty’s 25 foot left handed tape measure is one of their best-selling products with a solid body and a red and black design that will last you many years. There’s a rubber guard covering on the plastic case to protect it from damage in case it falls.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are because it has readings from the right to left in the metric scale up to 7.62 meters and the imperial system up to 25 feet. The tape is ⅞” wide and has the 16 OC marked in red.


Numbers are large and easy to read.

Rubber guard protection on the case.

Features the metric and imperial measurement system.


Tape does not clip on the left side of the belt.

⅞” wide without the benefit of the standout from tapes that are 1 inch or wider.

Perfect Measuring Tape (RL-02) with Right-to-Left Read

Perfect Measuring Tape (RL-02) with Right-to-Left Read

The Perfect (RL-02) Left Handed Measuring Tape is one of the top options on the market, with the luminescent orange packaging that makes it easily visible from afar. This model is designed for professionals who need precise measurements in inches or centimeters on a split scale with the numbers right side up when you pull the tape with your left hand. It measures up to 25 feet with 1/16” fractions for precise readings with EC Class II accuracy.

The casing is made of ABS plastic and there’s a lock button to prevent the tape from retracting until you’re ready. The belt clip is designed for left hand use, which is rare even among lefty tape measures.

The tape is 7/8″ wide and has a standout of standout is 7ft 6in.


Clips on the left side.

Accurate scale with readings in inches and millimeters.

Easy to read.


The plastic case feels flimsy.

7/8″ wide tape allows for less standout than 1″ tapes.

Ambidextrous Tape Measure

FastCap PSSR 16′ and 25′ FastPad Standard Reverse Measuring Tape

FastCap PSSR16 16' FastPad Standard Reverse Measuring Tape

The FastCap PSSR25 and FastCap PSSR16 FastPad Standard Reverse Measuring Tape are standard 25-foot 16-foot tape measures respectively that are perfect for DIYers or woodworkers. They are light and portable, making them a top choice among buyers. They come with standard and standard reverse rule so that both lefties and righties can use them just as easily. You can get precise readings up to a 16th of an inch.

To make it easier for you to work, there’s an erasable notepad on one side of the protective case and an in-built pencil sharpener for standard pencils. The tape is 1″ wide and has a protective rubber boot and four rivet nose clip to prevent wear and tear from constant use. The bottom of the tape measure has a brake button that keeps the tape extended without locking it.

Although the belt clip is designed for right-handed use, it uses a nice squeeze type lever action instead of the standard kind, so you don’t need to jam it on your pocket and potentially damage it.


Reads well from both sides.

Comes with an erasable notepad and a built-in sharpener.

The tape is very solid and stays rigid even when extended up to 8′.

Measurements are numbered down to a 1/16th of an inch.

Lever action on the belt clip saves wear and tear on your pocket.


The brake button is in an awkward position and has to be held down continuously to prevent the tape from retracting.

The pencil sharpener fits only normal pencils, not carpenter ones.

Crescent Lufkin Hi-Viz Blue Quickread Yellow Clad Tape Measure

Crescent Lufkin 1" x 25' Hi-Viz Blue Quickread Yellow Clad Tape Measure

If you’re looking for a left handed tape measure with fractions that makes the job easy, then look no further. The Crescent Lufkin Hi-Viz Blue Quickread Yellow Clad Tape Measure is one of a kind. It’s easy to read, easy to use, and highly durable. In addition, its casing not only provides protection but makes it stand out from the crowd. With measurements in both decimals and fractions and vertical orientation numbering, this tape measure is hard to beat.

It features casing that goes over the mold and acts as protection from breaking on impact. There’s a toggle lock so you don’t have to slide it to lock the tape and a quad rivet end hook to make it extra durable.


Easy to read measurements in fractions and decimals.

Designed to fit perfectly in one hand.


Strong retraction.


It might be confusing for first-time users.

It might be challenging to get the product out of the packaging.

Left Handed Tailors Tape Measure

Lefty’s Left-Handed Tailor Measuring Tape

Lefty's Left-Handed Tailor Measuring Tape

Lefty’s have brought to you a tape measure that you can use for anything. The Lefty’s Left-Handed Tailor Measuring Tape is a multi-purpose yet simple accessory. You can use it while sowing or for your handyman chores. It can be used for centimeters as well as inches up to 60″ or 152 cm. This flexible black cloth tape measure makes it easy to measure around complicated areas.

The tape reads from right to left, so it makes it much easier to measure and then cut fabric with the scissors in your left hand.

It even comes with a quirky remark imprinted on both sides. So now even your tape measure says it, “I may be left-handed, but I’m always right.”


Multi-purpose tape measure.

Easy to measure around complicated areas.

Measurements in both inches and centimeters.


It’s only 60″ long so you might need extra help for larger measurements.

Self Adhesive Tape Measure Right to Left

When measuring lots of items for sawing, like fence posts or table legs, or while sewing with a left handed rotary cutter, you can stick this kind of right-to-left self-adhesive tape to the saw station on the left side of the saw blade or the top or bottom of your tailoring cutting pad before you start working at your sewing machine.

Kreg KMS7723 1/2-Inch Self-Adhesive Measuring Tape

Kreg KMS7723 1/2-Inch Self-Adhesive Measuring Tape

Are you looking for the best self-adhesive right to left read tape measure for your sawing? Then you need to look no further than the Kreg KMS7723 Self-Adhesive Measuring Tape. From durability to accuracy, it gives you all you could ask of a self-adhesive tape. All you need to do is cut to the desired length with any scissors that are lying around, stick it to the desired surface on the left side of the saw blade, and you’re good to go. It doesn’t get easier than that.

This 12′ long and 1/2″ wide tape has an easy-to-use interface that works in tandem with the Kreg Top Trak and Heavy Duty Trak. Being made of metal, it is scuff resistant so you need not worry about your tools damaging it.


The strong adhesive makes sure the tape stays in place.

Scuff-proof heavy-duty material with a 30-day warranty.

Markings are easily visible.


Peeling the backing off can be time-consuming.

POWERTEC 71134 Right to Left Measure Tape with Adhesive Backing

POWERTEC 71134 Right to Left Measure Tape with Adhesive Backing

Another incredible self-adhesive option is the POWERTEC 71134 Right to Left Measure Tape with Adhesive Backing tape. This tape is the perfect replacement for your old worn-out tape saw measures. With its heavy-duty sticking, you can stick this tape measure to almost any work surface. Get the most accurate results with this simple peel and past tape measure. It is made of durable precision metal to ensure the tape lasts long.

This tape is 4 feet long and 5/16″ wide.


Effortless design. Peel and paste on a dry surface.

Heavy-duty 4 inch adhesive to keep the tape securely in place.


Thin and easy to read.


A few customers report that somewhere around 15-18″ it creeps in about 1/32″ with the rest of the tape continuing this variance.

The metal makes cutting the tape harder than an ordinary tape measure.

Only 4 feet long.

Fastcap Self-Adhesive 16′ Measuring Tape Reversible Left or Right Read

Fastcap Self-Adhesive 16' Measuring Tape Reversible Left or Right Read

Is it possible to have an adhesive tap that can be used comfortably by both left-handed and right-handed users? The answer is yes. The Fastcap Self-Adhesive Reversible Left or Right Read Measuring Tape makes it possible for people with right or left-hand orientations to work with ease because it is printed on both sides in reverse directions. You can even cut it in half to stick to both sides of the saw.

This tape features both metric and imperial systems. In the imperial measurements, it is marked down to the 16th as well as marked for fractions of the inch. The metric side is tens punctuated by hundreds.

It’s the complete package. You get easy readability, durable tape, and an ultra-strong adhesive all in one. All you need is a clean surface to stick the tape on, and you’re good to go.


The ultra-strong adhesive keeps the tape measure in place.

Designed for any handedness.

The markings are clear and accuracy is guaranteed.

Easy to use.


The double-sided adhesive is on a separate roll and needs to be applied to the tape before sticking.

The adhesive tape is slightly narrower than the measuring tape.

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