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Are you a left-hander that’s having trouble using a standard keyboard for any length of time? Is it causing arm and wrist strain? The reason may be that the keyboard is not ergonomically good for you, especially because it’s not the best design for left-handers. If you want to make a change, we can help you choose the best left handed keyboard for your needs that will once and for all eliminate any repetitive hand strain that you may have.

Being lefties, we often face difficulties while using various types of equipment, as they’re all designed mostly for right handers. One such tool is a computer keyboard. Being such an integral part of our lives, we should make sure that we use the right keyboard that’s designed for specific needs. Most keyboards are designed for right handed people. This makes it difficult for many left-handed people to use them. Our hands are left more vulnerable towards problems like hand and wrist strains, one reason being that commonly used keys (for example, ‘delete’ and ‘backspace’) are mostly out of our dominant hand’s reach. If you often input numbers at your job, then you have to do it with your non-dominant hand. Sometimes, the problems can be as severe as Repetitive Strain Injuries.

Even right-handed people can face problems while using right-handed keyboards along with a mouse as they have to constantly switch their dominant right hand from keyboard to mouse, which can cause right shoulder and arm strain. Furthermore, even though you can shift the mouse to the left of the keyboard, that side contains access to USB ports, which if you’re using them, will keep bumping into the mouse.

Just like for typing, lefties should also think about writing. That’s where our best pens for left-handers come in.

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top Picks for Keyboards for Left Handers…


A4tech Ergonomic Left Handed Keyboard

A4tech Ergonomic Left Handed Keyboard

  • “A” shape slanted key layout
  • No backlighting
  • Wired
  • Windows and Mac compatible


Bloody Gaming B945 Light Strike Optical Gaming Keyboard

Bloody Gaming B945 Light Strike Optical Gaming Keyboard

  • Anti-ghosting, fast response keyboard
  • RGB backlighting
  • Wired
  • Windows and Mac compatible


Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

  • Dome shaped split keyboard
  • No backlighting
  • Wireless
  • Windows and Mac compatible

Is There a Left Handed Keyboard?

Left-handed keyboards are mainly designed for left-handed people in order to ensure that they’re ergonomic for long term use. They are also very useful for right-handed people that have right hand injuries. One of the very noticeable features of these keyboards is that their num-pads are placed on the left side of the keyboard. This feature of the keyboard not only helps the left-handed people but also the right-handed people who might be facing already existing shoulder and arm pain and also those people who might’ve injured their right hand.

Left-handed keyboards come in different types. There are ergonomic mechanical keyboards which are generally great to use for gaming. There are keyboards designed with the numpad to the left. There are compact tenkeyless (TKL) keyboards that don’t include num-pads so that you can buy a separate num-pad to use according to your needs and place it to the left of your board. One thing that you must remember is that whether the num-pad is separate or inbuilt it should always be placed on the left side of the keyboard if you’re left-handed so that your dominant hand can input numbers quickly.

A left hand number pad keyboard has its own advantages for right handers. It minimizes the amount you have to stretch your right arm from board to mouse and back if using the mouse with your right hand. You can still place the mouse on your right-hand side and comfortably use it with your right-hand while eliminating or reducing shoulder strain.

How to Choose the Best Left Handed Keyboard

Design Based on Purpose

The purpose you’re using the southpaw keyboard for is important to determine which keyboard to choose. The numpad on a left-handed keyboard is a convenient place to access macros and actions programmed by gamers. Alternatively, you can use a gaming keypad. All of the keys needed for gaming are available on keypads, as well as key mapping customization as found in gaming keyboards. A keypad allows left-handed gamers to comfortably game while using less desk space.

Business and accounting may need heavy use of the number pad. In this case, you could opt for a left handed keyboard with the numpad on the left, or buy a compact TKL keyboard and a separate numpad to place to the left of the board. This is a good option if you only need the numpad for certain tasks or only for work, while all your other computer work doesn’t need it.

If there’s a lot of general typing and you have to constantly switch between mouse and keys, you should definitely choose a lefty keyboard or you may consider joining the trend of having no numpad at all. In that case, you should consider a compact TKL keyboard with a row of numbers on top. If you use the numeric keypad only occasionally but use the mouse a lot, another option to consider would be to use a regular keyboard but with a left-handed mouse.


When you’re connecting the board to your computer for gaming or illustrating or regular work, you have to always consider the compatibility of your computer’s operating system with the keyboard you’re connecting it to. If you’re using it on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4, and other such gadgets, you’ll have to choose a keyboard that connects directly to the game gadget.

For all other needs, it is necessary to check the compatibility of your PC’s operating system with the keyboard because not all keyboards are compatible with both Windows and Mac. The ones that are will need to be programmed for your operating system.

Type of connection

There exist two types of connection: wired and wireless connections. The best keyboard that left-handed people can buy is a wireless one, as you don’t need a cable that is plugged in at an awkward location. These types of keyboards are ideal for the boardroom or for use with more than one computer at home.

Wireless keyboards come in two different types. One type is a battery-powered board that responds to a wireless signal sent through a dongle receiver connected via a USB port on the computer. USB receivers are not compatible with keyboards from other brands, so you have to make sure you get a compatible receiver.

The other type of wireless keyboard is one that can be connected by Bluetooth if the computer is Bluetooth compatible. If it is not, you’d have to get a Bluetooth adapter for it, as the computer has to be paired with the keyboard. This is the best option for wireless use because you’re not taking away a valuable USB port that you may need for something else. Bluetooth connections are also compatible across brands, so you don’t have to hunt for specific accessories.

The most common wired option is a USB cable-connected keyboard but you have to ensure that it is compatible with your computer. It helps if the USB port in the keyboard is on the front instead of the side, as that will avoid clashing with the mouse or separate numpad if you use one.

RGB or Standard LED Backlighting

If you use your keyboard in the dark, make sure to buy one with LED backlighting. You can choose keyboards with either RGB or standard white backlighting, depending on your needs. Some keyboards have only onboard backlighting, either RGB or natural white LED, while most gaming keyboards have RGB lighting onboard as well as on the keys.

If you’re a gamer, you can buy a keyboard with customizable RGB LED lights on your keyboard. It may also have effects and patterns that react in specific ways when your programs are working. If you’re just using your keyboard for work, you can buy one with a standard white backlight if you’re sure you’ll never use RGB. Most RGB keyboards can be customized to display any color, including white, but standard white backlighting can’t be customized to display any other color, so if you aren’t sure of your future needs, get an RGB backlit one.

Low force keys

If you do a lot of typing in a day, one keyboard feature you have to look at is how easy is it to type on. Beyond the placement of keys on the board, keys that don’t need a lot of force to depress and activate are better than standard keys if you want to prevent repetitive strain injuries. This force is called the actuation force. Therefore, it would help if you chose boards that have low force or mechanical keys. These keyboards require just a light touch on the keys. If you consider the thousands of keystrokes you might make each year, the actuation force being applied will make a huge difference on the health of your hands and wrists.

Low force keys need an actuation force of 35g to 45g, which is much lower than the actuation force required on standard keyboards, which is 50 to 60g. Mechanical keys give very good tactile feedback, either by sound or resistance, so you don’t have to worry that a light touch won’t register a keystroke. Apart from being less tiring to use, these keys are also extra sturdy.


The two most common types of keycaps are ABS and PBT. If you can choose between ABS or PBT keycaps, the PBT keycaps will be more durable, although ABS are good too. ABS keycaps become shiny over time, so PBT is the better choice. 

Adjustable keyboard tilt angle

For ergonomic reasons, try to choose a laptop that comes with an adjustable keyboard tilt angle. Tilt angles make using the keyboard more comfortable as they help you maintain neutral wrists as you type. Alternatively, if you use a keyboard on your lap while sitting in bed or on a sofa, you could get a left handed laptop lap desk that can be adjusted through several different angles.

Best Left Handed Computer Keyboard

A4tech Ergonomic Left Handed Keyboard

A4tech Ergonomic Left Handed Keyboard

The A4tech ergonomic left handed keyboard has an ergonomic design that allows you to comfortably work with both of your hands positioned well, whether you use a mouse or not. It has a left-handed numeric keypad and a patented layout of the key structure designed in the shape of ‘A.’ This feature helps in reducing shoulder and back strain and also helps you retain good posture while typing. Additionally, you can eliminate the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury to your wrists and arms.

You can operate the num pad simultaneously while controlling the mouse. This keyboard is compatible with Windows XP, 7,8,10, and Mac OS X. It is a wired keyboard and can be connected through a USB. Its key structure is set up for intuitive finger movements and provides maximum comfort while you’re typing. If you’re used to standard key layouts it may take a little while to get used to this layout in the beginning, but as a left hander, you’ll soon appreciate it. Its F and J keys as well as the 5 key on the numeric pad feature a tactile bump, which makes it easy for touch-type users to get back to typing.

The dimensions of this left hand keyboard are 8.2 inches in length, 1.8 inches in width, and 18 inches in height.

This keyboard also has laser inscribed keys so the lettering won’t wear off even with heavy use. A multi-functional hot-keys managing tool with 8 buttons is one of the innovative features of its software and this can greatly improve its performance.

Another specialty of this keyboard is that it can also be conveniently used by righties that don’t need the number pad. The keys are well and properly spaced, which makes their visibility clear to people with even low eyesight. There’s a good blend of comfort and balance in this keyboard although people with large fingers may find the size of the keys a bit small.


Ergonomic natural ‘A’ shape key structure.

Compatible with Windows and Mac.

Good key feedback.

Good value.


Loud keys.

The bottom feet to adjust the angle of the keyboard don’t provide enough tilt.



Evoluent R3K Reduced Reach Right-Hand Keyboard

Evoluent R3K Reduced Reach Right-Hand Keyboard

This Evoluent R3K left-handed keyboard is best used with Windows, although it is also compatible with Linux and Unix. It is a wired keyboard that can be connected to your computer via USB. You do not need to download any drivers to get it working.

It is made of high-quality scissor keys that are very comfortable to type on. They have a quiet, responsive feel with no wobble and offer no noticeable resistance. There is enough space between the keys of this type so that you can type quickly and without committing major typos.

It has full-size secondary keys and tactile bumps on often used keys such as Ctrl, Del, Home, Page Up, and Down arrow to help you touch-type fast. The keyboard’s num pad is on the left side, which lets you place your mouse on the right closer to your keyboard, reducing overstretching of your arms and keeping them in a more relaxed position.

This keyboard for left handers has dedicated one-touch shortcut keys on the top row and a dedicated one for Windows on the bottom. However, these short-cuts only work with Windows. Otherwise, this keyboard is compatible with Windows, Unix, Linux, and other operating systems that recognize Num Lock. It is not compatible with Mac.


These keyboards have scissor keys that are of high quality.

It is compact and comfortable size.


Cannot be tilted.

Keyboard is not compatible with Mac and shortcut keys are only Windows compatible.

Best Left Handed Mechanical Keyboard

DSI Left Handed Mechanical Keyboard

DSI Left Handed Mechanical Keyboard

This DSI left-handed mechanical keyboard is a high-quality one with a slightly basic design and ergonomic mechanical keys. It is a wired keyboard that can be connected with a USB and it is Windows and Mac compatible.

Just like a regular left-handed keyboard, it has its num pad on the left-hand side, making it easier to use with your mouse to the right of the keyboard. It has two flip feet on the bottom that ou can engage if you want to tilt the keyboard a bit. Additionally, all the navigational keys are placed between the num pad and the rest of the keys so that your dominant left hand has access to them. In games where key mapping is necessary, such as MMOs, the numpad’s proximity to the WASD cluster helps left-handed users access it more easily.

This keyboard comes with Cherry Red switches with adequate gutter space between them. Users will experience accurate typing and fast response times while feeling minimal spring resistance with them. The keys make a bit more sound than regular keys, but they aren’t as loud as some of the Cherry MX Blue switches. Users who prefer a black mechanical keyboard without RGB lighting and dislike the flashy appearance of gaming keyboards will appreciate the left-handed DSI Mechanical Keyboard. 

If you are left-handed, ambidextrous, or have physical challenges, then this is the keyboard for you.


Its mechanical keyboard makes the typing more responsive and accurate.

This arrangement of the keyboard will help with number-heavy work as well as gaming.


No backlighting.

Space bar may start to get sticky.



Best Left Handed Gaming Keyboard

Bloody Gaming B945 Light Strike Optical Gaming Keyboard

Bloody Gaming B945 Light Strike Optical Gaming Keyboard

This B945 Light Strike Optical Gaming left-handed keyboard is very durable. Anodized aluminum is used for the base and water-proof coating covers the entire board. It even has drainage holes in case there’s a spill of your drink. Its dimensions are 15 x 5 x 1.25 inches.

It offers a complete 104-key setup and a left-hand numpad. It also has detachable wrist rest for extra comfort during long gaming periods. It is a wired keyboard and has a non-detachable braided USB cable.

With Light Strike switches, Bloody designed the B945 left hand gaming keyboard specifically with gamers in mind. The orange tactile optical sensor switches have .2-millisecond response times. This is an anti-ghosting keyboard, in that each key simultaneously registers when pressed, irrespective of how many keys you press at a time. In addition to their fast response time, Light Strike switches also sound satisfying when clicked, just like a mechanical keyboard. Its ergonomic design helps prevent finger fatigue.

You can switch between 6 default RGB LED backlighting animations, or you can download its exclusive software for a variety of customizable color schemes.

From a gamer’s perspective, this keyboard is an excellent choice for left handers.


Great RGB backlighting.

Anti-ghosting and fast response time switches.

Macros can be programmed.


No dedicated media controls.

A bit pricey.

Best Wireless Left Handed Keyboard

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business

The Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic keyboard has a distinctive and modern design and is very comfortable to use. It has a split keyboard layout, which conforms to the natural and comfortable resting positions of the wrists and forearms. Its domed shape also helps in keeping them in a relaxed neutral position. It has a cushioned palm rest which provides support to the wrists.

It is a wireless keyboard that can be connected via a small dongle that plugs into a USB port on the computer. The separate num pad is also wireless and provides a greater amount of flexibility for workspace setup for both left-handers and right-handers. The tactile feedback scissor keys feature quiet and crisp key action and are smooth to use. They’re shaped in a natural arc, mimicking the curved shape of fingertips.

This keyboard is also compatible with Mac computers, as you can remap specific keys. For this, simply open the OSX keyboard settings and select the Keyboard Modifier Keys option.

There are some drawbacks in the design of this keyboard. The delete, insert and arrow keys placement is not great, as they’re outside the main keys area and some users, especially software developers who use them a lot, find that they have to constantly look down to find them. Also, the toggle feature for using the function keys might not be comfortable for everyone.


Ergonomic dome-shaped keys.

It has a detached num pad.

Nicely-sized palm rest that is supportive.


There might be a lag if you use it with Mac OS.

No backlighting.

The position of the navigational keys takes getting used to.


Are lefties better at typing?

While many left-handers never learn touch-typing, they tend to be faster typers on average than right-handers. Think of where the most common letters are placed on a QWERTY keyboard. You’d be forgiven for wondering if a left-hander invented it because more than 3000 words can be typed using just the left hand, while only about 300 words can be typed using only the right hand. This may have something to do with why lefties tend to be speedier typists on QWERTY keyboards. However, the less common Dvorak keyboards favor right-handers.

Does Apple make a left-handed keyboard?

No, but they do have a wireless Bluetooth keypad that you can place to the left of their Magic Keyboard that does not have an inbuilt numeric keypad.

Is a one-handed keyboard better?

A one-handed keyboard is often better if you only need a keyboard for gaming. Standard keyboards can’t offer the cost, performance, and space benefits that one-handed keyboards do.

For gamers, a full 101 key keyboard with high quality switches and key caps is much more expensive. Instead of replacing your regular keyboard, a one-handed keyboard can simply sit next to it. If you’re a lefty then you can use a left handed gaming keypad.

The improved ergonomics and gaming performance of these keyboards are also huge advantages. Gamepads in general are designed to support your hand while you play and do not require you to move your hand around. After your muscle memory takes hold, you will forget it’s even there.

A second advantage is its size. Put your big keyboard away and just use your desk space for a one-handed keyboard and mouse. Having the ability to set your arms at any angle makes gaming much more comfortable. Those with gaming laptops will also appreciate these pads. 

There are some drawbacks, though. In general, these gaming keyboards aren’t designed for games that use keyboard shortcuts extensively. There are not nearly enough keys on one-handed keyboards, so you’re probably better off using a standard keyboard along with your gaming keypad.

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