Best Left Handed Grooming Shears

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The standard method for using scissors is to push with your thumb and pull with your fingers. When you close scissors, you are guiding the blades to be pushed laterally together. There were no left-handed scissors on the market twenty years ago, so left-handed individuals were obliged to use right-handed ones, which meant they unnaturally applied pressure to the scissors in the other direction when using them with their left hands. Instead of pushing with their thumbs, they learned to pull with them, and instead of pulling with their fingers, they learned to push with them. Carpal tunnel syndrome and other long-term stress-related hand disorders result from this. Therefore, our advice to you is that if you want to start a career as a pet groomer or even if you want to do your own pet’s grooming at home, get yourself the best left handed grooming shears you can find. This article will guide you through your options for all types of grooming shears as a left hander.

We have a separate article where we explain in detail how to differentiate between left-handed and right-handed scissors, but in brief, if you hold the left-handed scissors in front of you with the blade tips pointing to your right, the outer blade’s tip should move upwards as you open the scissors.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Picks…


Kenchii Five Star Offset Lefty

Kenchii Five Star Offset Lefty

  • 6″, 7″, 8″ and 9″
  • Straight, curved, and thinning blades
  • Fine beveled edges
  • Offset grip handle


HASHIMOTO Curved Scissors for Dog Grooming

HASHIMOTO Curved Scissors for Dog Grooming

  • 6.5″ and 7.5″
  • Curved blades
  • Convex edges
  • Opposing grip handle


JASON Left Handed 7" Dog Grooming Scissors

JASON Left Handed 7″ Dog Grooming Scissors

  • 68″ length
  • Draw length max 32″
  • Draw weights 20-36 lb

Buying Guide for Left Handed Dog Grooming Shears

This part of the article will provide you with different types of shears that are available for grooming dogs and a guide to factors that you should consider before buying any pair of shears.

Types of Dog Grooming Scissors

Straight Scissors

As the name itself suggests, these are simple straight shears very similar to the normal ones we use in day-to-day life. The size of these shears ranges from 4” to 10”, each size can be used for grooming a specific area or coat type. The longer ones are used to trim large areas and curly coats and there are two types of these as well. The narrower ones are used to trim light coats while the wider one is used for heavy coats. The 6″-7″ shears are great for smaller dogs and for around the hind legs. The 4” one is used to trim areas that need precision, like the paws. The size does need to match your need.

Curved scissors

These are another modification of the straight scissors where the blades are curved. These can be used to give shape to the coat, mostly used for cutting the head coat of the dog or the tail of a poodle. Any pro dog groomer can cut curves or circles easily with straight scissors, but for beginners these scissors are the best type. These also come in a range of 4” to 10” inches. The size that suits you will depend on the part you want to trim. The 6” to 8” range is perfect for a bichon.

Thinning or blending shears

All dog owners love a well-groomed coat. Both blades of thinning shears are serrated to look like a comb. They are so designed that only a small amount of fur is cut by them. These are essentially used to thin a heavy coat. The benefit of these shears is that you don’t need to use a comb along with them. Just cut the coat with these and your dog is ready to go. With these shears you should make sure that when the blades move over each other they should only hold the amount of fur you want to cut.

Blending shears have one straight blade and one serrated and they are usually used to thin a short or long haired coat without leaving any markings. You can use a comb to lift the fur for styling and modeling in between each cut.


Chunkers are usually used to trim heavy curly coats faster. They are very similar to the thinning shear just that the comb-shaped blades have teeth that are farther apart than those of a thinning shear. The t- shaped teeth of the chunkers help the hair to be pushed away from the blade giving you a softer finish. These can be used on any breed but are best suited for Shelties and Rough collies. The areas these can be used are legs, underlines, ears, etc. These are good to give a finish and are used to remove scissors marks. A pro tip here will be don’t go for long ones as they need to be sharpened frequently, go for sizes below 8”.

Features of Pet Grooming Shears


The most important feature that you need to consider is the size. Now, the sizes of two things will decide the size of the scissors. Firstly, the size of your dog is directly proportional to the size of the shears you want to get. If you want to cut the coat of a big dog, or the surface you want to cut is large, use large scissors. Smaller scissors are used for precision work. Precision work is mostly required for smaller dogs or delicate areas, like the ears, the nose, and the eyes. The size of the groomer’s hands also decides the size of the shears. If your fingers are large then your fingers won’t fit in the small rings of the smaller scissors. If your fingers are small, you can get smaller scissors because if the shanks of the scissors are too long, you have to open your thumbs too wide and this can make it difficult for you.


The weight of the scissors is another important characteristic that you need to consider before buying scissors. The type of metal used in the scissors decides the weight of the shears. Grooming sometimes can be a time-consuming process and any scissors that are too heavy will strain the muscles of your hand. You should go for shears that are lightweight and effective.

Blade material

As I have already mentioned, the metal used in your scissors will affect the weight of it and your ability to work with it. Soft metal blades are inexpensive but at the same time they are heavy and thick, which means they will strain your hand. This is because the blade can’t be sharpened into a very thin edge. They also come with the disadvantage that they need to be sharpened often, which will make them expensive in the long run. Hard metal blades are more expensive than soft metal ones but are durable and effective. These have sharper edges that cut faster and better. Another thing that you should consider is whether the metal used is rustproof or not, because if the blades rust and you groom the dog with them then it might harm the dog’s coat.

Blade tip

The main motive of you buying the shears is to give your dog a good grooming session without harming him. This process will be futile if the shears are too sharp and harm your pet. When you are buying scissors, you should make sure that the tips of the blades are not so sharp that it nicks your pet. Round tip shears are the best to do precision work near the eyes or ears. They’re also good for puppies who are very fidgety while grooming. You can go for sharp tips when you want to cut large surfaces.

Blade type

To start with you need to first understand the difference between the different types of blades. The beveled blade will look like any normal shear and has an angle of 20-35 degrees while a convex blade has an angle of 45-50 degrees. The semi-convex blade lies between the two of them. Both of them have pros and cons. The beveled ones are easier to sharpen and stay sharp for longer but are a little noisy, while the convex ones are expensive to sharpen but give you a smoother finish. Convex blades are the sharpest and are best for advanced grooming techniques and to cut throuh thick coats easily. Now the semi-convex ones have the durability of a beveled edge and close to the sharpness of the convex.

Serrated blades have fine grooves on one or both blade edges. They grasp the hair better and make cutting thick coats easier. However, they are the noisiest while cutting.

Grip handle

A crane grip handle is the most preferred design for comfort. The finger ring is longer than the thumb ring and is an extension of the cutting blades. This is the most ergonomic type of handle and offers several benefits. The thumb ring is somewhat shorter than the other finger ring. With the crane grip, you may relax your elbow in a more comfortable position. This also alleviates strain on the wrists and shoulders.

The offset grip handle design is the most frequently used and conventional type. The offset makes the thumb ring noticeably shorter than the other finger ring. The finger ring is slightly offset from the blades rather than an extension of them. The hands are relieved of tension, although there is a tendency to keep the elbow raised.

The finger rings are of equal length and side by side in the opposing grip handle design. This is the oldest design and is ideal for curved shears since the curved edge may be used on both sides without putting extra strain on the body. This sort of handle is also useful for those who cut incorrectly.

How tension is adjusted

This is probably the most important feature that you have to pay attention to on a regular basis. The tension of the shears is very important for a good grooming session. If the tension is too loose then your blades will glide over each other very fast and only bend the hair instead of cutting, and when it is too tight you will face difficulty cutting with them. You should probably go for a shear that has adjustable tension so that you can customize it according to your needs.

Best Left Handed Dog Grooming Scissors

HASHIMOTO Curved Scissors for Dog Grooming

HASHIMOTO Curved Scissors for Dog Grooming

These HASHIMOTO Curved Scissors are among the most popular left handed dog grooming tools available. They’re specially designed for grooming the face of the dog and other delicate areas like the head, eyes, ears, etc. The size of the scissors is 6.5” which is neither too big nor too small. These scissors come in a 7.5″ size too so that you can choose the best one for your needs.

The scissor has curved blades so you can use this to give shape to your dog’s coat. These scissors are best suited for a bichon or poodle’s head and tail. The material used is Japanese Hitachi 440C stainless steel that makes the scissor super light, durable, and rust-free at the same time. The convex blades will give your dog’s coat a smoother finish. They have rounded tips that will protect your dog from accidental nicks. These scissors also have an adjustable key so that you can adjust the tension. These shears are ideal for a beginner who may struggle to shape the coat with straight scissors.

The opposing grip handle rings are of the same size and symmetrical, so along with the curved blades, the design allows you to cut upwards and downwards with ease.


Rounded tips for safety.

Several sizes to choose from.

Super sharp.


Not true lefty shears.



Kenchii Five Star Offset Lefty

Kenchii Five Star Offset Lefty

The Kenchii Five Star Offset Lefty scissors are a perfect buy for everyday grooming, as they’re the most versatile line from the Kenchii brand. You can get these scissors in sizes 6″, 7″, 8”, and 9″ which makes the brand ideal for various breeds. The line includes a straight blade, curved blade, and a thinner and you can buy each separately or as a set. Although some are larger scissors, they’re not heavy at all and you can easily use them for long hours.

The blades are made of a highly durable material of Japanese molybdenum alloy steel, which is stronger than steel but more ductile than tungsten. The level 2 bevel edges are perfect for faster cutting, you can easily resharpen them. You can also adjust the tension in the scissors as they come with a five-pointed external assembly for easy adjustment. The offset handles with a permanent finger rest make it easier to hold the scissors and provide a firm yet relaxed grip.

If you’re a professional groomer, the 3 shear set provides the best value, as you get a straight grooming shear, curved shear, and a 46 tooth thinning shear in a faux leather 5-shear case along with shear oil for cleaning and finger inserts. This is our pick for best left handed grooming shears for pet owners and professional groomers.


Key for tension adjustment.

Several sizes to choose from.

Offset handle for better grip.

Super sharp.


Sharp tips.



Andis Straight Shears, Professional Dog and Cat Grooming

Andis Straight Shears, Professional Dog and Cat Grooming

Another great collection of professional scissors for grooming your pet is the Andis Straight set of shears. The Andis straight shears are 8” and 6.25″ long and are perfect for grooming large surfaces on your pet’s body. It gives you a perfect finish and can be used over all breeds. This is specially designed for grooming heavy coats and withstands heavy use. This is all thanks to its cryogenically tempered Japanese stainless steel blades that are surprisingly lightweight and corrosion-free.

The blades have convex edges that give you a smoother finish and make less noise while cutting. The sharp ends make sure that the entire blade is employed for cutting the heavy coat and your work gets done faster. However, if you’re unsure of more delicate areas, you can instead choose the round tip scissors.

The thinning shears are 6.5″ long and have 28 teeth for shortening and texturizing the coat.

The offset handle helps you get firm control over the scissors. These are perfect for any lefty as the blades are true left-handed and the fixed finger rest and soft-grip finger inserts give you a comfortable grip even if you have very small hands. The only issue that some people have with these shears is that the tension can’t be adjusted, so a few may get a pair that doesn’t cut in the beginning, or they may lose tension after a while and they’ll need to professionally sharpened or tightened.

The shears come with maintenance oil and a handy storage case.


Long sharp blades for larger surfaces.

Offset handle for better grip.

Can be used for all sizes of pets.


The tension cannot be adjusted.

The rings are too small for people with very big fingers.



JASON Left Handed 7″ Dog Grooming Scissors, Blending, Chunkers, Curved

JASON Left Handed 7" Dog Grooming Scissors, Blending, Chunkers, Curved

The Jason left-handed dog grooming set is ideal for anyone who wants to groom a pet properly without spending a lot on the shears. You can buy each kind separately, but there are also two sets that are of good value. Both sets have a 7″ straight blade scissor and curved blade scissor. The third scissor is either a chunker or a blender. You can choose which set is better for you. The blending shears feature 50 teeth for smooth texturizing without snagging fur. The chunkers feature 18 wide teeth for a thinning rate of 40-50%.

All these scissors are made of Japanese stainless steel, making them lightweight and durable and keeping them rust-free. The size is also ideal, they are neither too big nor too small. The stainless steel blades are very sharp for fast and effective cutting. While the tips are not rounded, they are slightly blunted on the straight and curved blades. They all have hollow ground convex edges. The curved blade scissor has opposing handles with removable finger rests on both handles so that you can use either hand to cut upwards or down. The offset handles of the other shears with permanent finger rests are perfect for ergonomic comfort. The tension screw features dial and click adjustability. The rings have a muffler that keeps them from being noisy.


Set of three for full grooming.


Perfect size for all types of pets.


The tension may need to be tightened frequently.



PurpleBird Left Handed Dog Grooming Shears

PurpleBird Left Handed Dog Grooming Straight, Downward Curved, Thinning Texturizing, Chunker Shears

These Purple Bird left-handed grooming shears are ideal for any beginner as you can get a straight, curved, thinning or chunking shear. These are very similar to the Jason brand above except that straight, curved and chunking shears are 8″, while the thinning shear is 7.5″ long. They don’t come in a set so you have to order each of them separately.

The thinner has 56 teeth for a 25-30% thinning rate, while the chunker has 26 teeth for a 40-45% thinning rate.

The tips of all of the scissors are made a little blunt so that they don’t hurt your dog. The blades come lightly coated with lubricating oil to protect them. They’re joined at the center by a stylish blue screw that can be adjusted to reduce or increase the tension. You don’t need a key to do this, as the screw can be adjusted directly with your hands.

The handles have perfect rings for your thumb and fingers. The handles are symmetric and separated by a muffler to reduce noise.


All essential types of scissors for versatile grooming.

Tension screw that can be adjusted by hand.

Muffler to reduce the noise.

Good value.


No offset handle, this might affect your grip.


Purple Dragon Left Handed Japan 440C Steel Dog Grooming Hair Cutting Scissor & Curved & Thinning/Blending Shear

Purple Dragon Left Handed Japan 440C Steel Dog Grooming Hair Cutting Scissor & Curved & Thinning/Blending Shear

The Purple Dragon grooming scissors 8″ set and 7″ set each comes with a slightly different combination of dog grooming shears so you can choose accordingly. The first set consists of a chunking shear, a straight shear, and a curved one along with a comb. The chunker has 26 teeth to give you a 40-45% thinning rate on thick coats. In the 7″ set, the chunker is replaced by a thinning shear with 50 teeth for a smooth finish and thinning rate of 30%. The metal used in all of them is 440C Grade stainless steel.

The blades have convex edges and the tips are blunted. You get offset handles with a fixed finger rest on all the shears except the curve bladed one, which instead has opposing handles with two removable finger rests. You can easily adjust the tension by a screw. In addition to all this, there is a comb that completes the set.

If you don’t want to buy the entire set the brand also gives you the option of buying individual scissors.


Two sets are available in different sizes.

Individual scissors are also available.

The sets contain a comb too.



Finger holes may feel too big for small fingers.

Better as a backup set rather than a main for professional groomers.


How do you Groom a Dog with Scissors?

First of all, train your dog to sit during the grooming session so that it doesn’t fidget. It is a good idea to give the pooch a bath first and let its fur dry so that there is no dirt to make the fur matted. Then brush the coat out well so that there are no tangles and knots. Make sure all the scissors you intend to use are sharp and oiled so that the blades move smoothly.

If the coat is heavy, first use a pair of chunkers to get rid of extra hair on the body. For a moderately heavy coat, you can use a pair of thinning shear instead. If you’re a beginner, you may want to choose curved blades instead of straight ones to then shape the coat, especially on the tail and around the face. Once you’ve had enough practice, you can use just straight scissors.

Start with the head and then the eyes and ears, and for this use small rounded tip shears. Then use long scissors to cut the body hair. Don’t go too long if the dog is small. Lastly, use the small scissors to remove hair from its paws and in between the legs. Brush the tail well and then use curved shears to give it shape. Use rounded tip or at least blunt tip scissors wherever necessary.


Why do dog groomers use curved scissors?

Many people are new to the profession and don’t know how to give shape to the dog’s coat. That’s where curved scissors have an advantage because even inexperienced groomers can give the coat a perfect shape. They’re easier to use cutting upwards and downwards. Experienced professionals can use straight scissors if they prefer.

Can I cut my dog’s hair with regular scissors?

Yes, you can but it is advisable not to. Dog scissors are designed especially for dogs with their safety in mind. You can also end up blunting the blades of regular scissors if you use them on a dog’s coat.

How often should I clean dog grooming scissors?

Grooming shears should always be cleaned after a grooming session. If you are a professional then you should clean the scissors after each client, this will prevent any germs from being transferred from one dog to another. You should also oil the shears before storing them away at the end of the day.

How do I clean dog grooming scissors?

At the end of a session, wipe off all hair from the blades using a damp cloth. You should also oil the shears to keep them in good working condition. The scissors are simply opened 90° and a drop of oil is added to the joint. Open and close the blades a few times, then wipe the blades clean. Do this after each usage, taking care not to over-oil. It’s also a good idea to spray them with a disinfectant before oiling them to kill any germs.

Should you cut dog’s hair wet or dry?

Unlike for most humans whose hair is cut when wet, dogs should be groomed when they are dry. It is advisable to bathe the dog, let it dry, and comb the coat out well before grooming.

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