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Whether you are in the foodservice industry or just a person who loves to drink and serve wine at home, corkscrews are essential for your drinking experience. Although you may not pay much attention to corkscrews, there is one thing that you should definitely consider when buying them, especially if you are a lefty. Are you buying the right corkscrew to aid with your left-handedness? If not, do you think you’ll be able to use it easily? If you can’t you will be glad to learn that left-handed corkscrews do exist. Read on to find our reviews on the best left handed corkscrew as well as a handy guide on how different types of wine openers work.

What is a Waiter’s Corkscrew and How Do You Use it One-Handed?

A waiter’s corkscrew is the most common type of wine opening tool used in foodservice. Also known as a wine key and sommelier knife, a waiter’s corkscrew is a basic, compact-sized wine opener that can be purchased at a relatively lower price compared to other wine openers. It is a classic tool that has been used for opening wine bottles for centuries. It is ideal for restaurants that serve wine at the table. You can also use a waiter’s corkscrew to cut foil or open bottle caps if it has multiple built-in tools. Sort of like a pair of kitchen utility shears.

Here’s how to use a waiter’s corkscrew one-handed:

  1. Cut the foil under the mouth of the bottle and remove it completely.
  2. Position the worm of the corkscrew on the top center of the cork and screw it into it so that the worm twists into the cork. If it’s a right-handed corkscrew, you will have to turn the handle clockwise to do this but counter-clockwise if it’s a left-handed one.
  3. Place and hold the first boot lever notch on the mouth of the bottle and pull the handle up to lift the cork halfway out of the wine bottle.
  4. Now start moving the second boot lever notch towards the tip of the bottle to completely lift off the cork all the way out of the bottle.
  5. To remove the worm from the cork, twist the corkscrew in a reverse motion.

Why Do Left Handers Need a Left Handed Wine Key?

Standard corkscrews are designed for right-handed people and are made to rotate in the clockwise direction using the right hand. The worm spirals into the cork only if turned that way and spirals out of the cork if turned the other way. This is similar to how a drill bit works complementary to a left-handed drill bit. However, if you are a left-handed person, turning the corkscrew in a clockwise direction can be quite uncomfortable to do, and you may not be able to open the wine bottle that effectively. Using your right hand may be just as awkward.

Therefore, left-handed people need a left handed waiter’s corkscrew or wine key with reversed threads to turn it comfortably in an anti-clockwise direction. This way, they can easily open a wine bottle with their dominant left hand.

Left Handed Wine Opener

Left-Handed Folding Waiter 4-in-1 Corkscrew

Left-Handed Folding Waiter 4-in-1 Corkscrew

The Left-Handed Folding Waiter 4-in-1 Corkscrew is one of the best and most durable corkscrews for left-handed people. It comes with a counter-clockwise mechanism which allows lefties to use it comfortably. What’s more, the corkscrew comes with four built-in tools, a knife, a bottle gripper, a corkscrew, and a bottle opener. You can fold all these tools in to carry around this compact-sized, 4.5-inch long corkscrew in your pocket.

However, it only comes in orange, so if you are not a fan of the color, you may have to consider another option. It is almost twice the price of a right-handed corkscrew. But this corkscrew has a sturdy build and will last you several years before you need a new one. The only downside is that its foil cutter is designed for right-handed people, which makes it harder for lefties to cut foil.

Left-Handed Corkscrew, Fish Shaped

Left-Handed Corkscrew, Fish Shaped

This fish-shaped corkscrew for left-handed people features a flexible lazy tong mechanism that makes opening wine bottles effortless. Having a stainless steel metal body, this corkscrew is a perfect tool for lefties who enjoy drinking and serving wine. It rotates counter-clockwise and allows lefties to open wine bottles much more easily and quickly.

The lazy tong mechanism in this corkscrew extends three folds farther than an average screw, making it effortless for you to pull the cork out. So you won’t need to exert much force when opening a bottle. It comes in a beautiful turquoise color.

However, the ‘fish’ shape may not be sophisticated enough for a fine dining restaurant. Moreover, it can break off the cork within the bottle if you apply too much force to it. So be careful when using it.

What Other Kinds of Wine Openers Can Lefties Use?

Some other types of wine openers that lefties can use include:

  • Electric corkscrews: There’s no easier wine opener than an electric corkscrew. If you’re a lefty or suffer from arthritis, all you have to do is push a button and the job is done. It’s great for back-of-the-house use.
  • Counter and wall mount corkscrews: Another type that’s good for behind the counter, this type of corkscrew has to be mounted to the edge of a counter or table or fixed on a wall. You position the bottle and pull the lever down to insert the worm. Pull the lever back up to remove the cork.
  • Lever corkscrews: If you need an easy to use wine bottle opener for table service, there’s nothing easier than a lever corkscrew. It gives you more control, as the handle holds the neck of the bottle as the cork is being extracted. You just pull the lever forward to insert the worm and push it gently back to extract the cork.
  • Wine cork extractors: These corkscrews come with prongs that are inserted in the space between the cork and the wine bottle to remove the cork as they’re lifted back up. They are ideal for vintage wines as they can easily remove vintage corks without breaking them off.
  • Air pressure pump: This type consists of a needle that’s inserted into the cork and then you pump for the air pressure to push the cork out.

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